terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2018

Ripple blanket dowloud free

Hello girls, you are all beautiful and beautiful. Wow how good it feels to be well and feel an inner peace without explanation. Crochet beginners will love this crochet curl I'm going to present to you today. I have found this creative crochet maanta, with interesting crochet motifs, crochet yarn lines with cheerful fun colors, it is sure to combine a lot with your decor. We have news of crochet blankets and blankets for couples, crochet blankets for babies. You can decorate your home with many colorful lines or fun points. For crocheteras who like neutral colors we have other patterns with tutorial totally free for you. In case of this ripple blanket point you need to vary the colors so that you can see the ripples. If you like neutral colors you can vary by set of neutral colors, bet in two neutral colors that matches the decor of your room. Then you will be able to notice the stitches after finishing the job. We also have crochet blouses, you can check out the beautiful crocheted blouse made with ripple stitches, do not forget that you need a 4 mm crochet hook. If you enjoy learning this crochet work with a graphic, below we will present a graphic for you to work in an easier way for you. To start you need to make a chain with a multiple of 9 plus one. So let's go to the next step, do not forget to put lots of love into everything you do, just so you will realize how the outcome will be worth more, people will give more value and you will get much more satisfied. So do not waste time and start today. And do not forget, if I learned for sure you will also learn. A big kiss to all.


quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2018

Crochet blouse with the free tutorial for beginners

Hello girls, fine a crochet blouse is always a wonderful experience for anyone who is wanting to learn this technique of the arts with their hands. In this idea of ​​today I bring to you my beloved this beautiful crochet art with an idea about the blouses, and who knows even a beautiful crochet dress can be made through the same pattern that we are presenting for you. My dear friend showed me this tutorial and I did not give it to you. Below you will find the step by step of this crochet blouse model with a very soft and delicate color that is pink baby color, as the name already says. A color appropriate for children and babies, if you want to make a dress of the same color can do it quietly with the free step by step, with the lines that you find in a wool shop nearest to your home. But if you prefer to make a dress with this pattern for a baptism of your daughter or goddaughter, this is a very interesting idea for you that is interested in gifting a loved one, this model has no way to not love. Everyone is sure to fall in love with this dress or this crochet blouse. You want to start with this dress and already know some crochet chains, follow our step by step and you will realize that our web site can present for you many ideas of decoration for the environment, your house, models of blanket, crochet pads, dresses for girls, cardigans, many sweaters, skirts with looks for this season, zig zag with crochet models and more. Many interesting tips and ideas for you to fall in love with. Enjoy this season to crochet, join your friends and have fun with so many models that we are presenting for you. A kiss to all. To the next


quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2018

Crochet dress with graphic

Hello girls. You who love this classic crochet dress. This is a wonderful idea of ​​crochet dress. He wears very well. For girls from 2 to 6 years old. They are lovely these cute. This dress we find here on our web site with two colors of models. A crochet dress in white, and another crochet dress in green. The two colors are really very beautiful. I like a lot. It gets very delighted in the body of a girl at this age, and they love to wear, they do not take more of the body. For the beginners these dresses have a frill on the skirt of the very interesting dress that leaves the girls with an air of enchanted princess, all they like, fairytale princesses. Very funny they wearing these dresses, it gets divine, the details are wonderful. I already made one of these and I can guarantee that you will not be able to do just one. When your friends see your work, they will want to place orders and more orders. For crocheters, this is a great crochet hint for you to receive extra income. Very good to work with the free chart and for you to start you just want to. Cheer up and do not waste time. We all have an incredible ability to learn things. And crochet has this power to improve our mind, our spirits, our brain works differently when we're crocheting. It seems that we forget the problems and focus only on the part we are making. So my friend needs therapy. Start today with this beautiful crochet dress, and you will see how it will work for you. If I could. Surely you can too. A big kiss to all.


domingo, 23 de setembro de 2018

Elegant crochet blouse with free graphic

Hello girls, today I bring you this elegant blouse for you. With warm colors, an orange color, full of a very casual style. This blouse looks very beautiful with a pair of jeans. To be used on warmer days, at a time with the family, at a lunch with friends. The piece has a more stripped air, so we use with more casual looks Today this web site is presenting to you this beautiful blouse with easy to do stitches, with the free graphic. I ask you my friend who loves to crochet and enjoy all the crochet images being all free. Do not waste time and see for yourself this beautiful crochet blouse. This blouse is very used for beginners. Because your tutorial is very simple and does not need a lot of information, this is a basic piece with a style full of personality, but it has this romantic air to the piece, have a lot of attention to find your lifestyle, style of tastes, this will make all the difference in you. We at the web site are pleased to introduce you to various models of crochet zig zag, crochet pattern shop, crochet kaleidoscope, crochet blanket for babies, crochet sofa cushions, baby dresses or dresses for girls, a more beautiful than the other. Enjoy girls and do not forget that you can love this crochet art. It is very interesting and irresistible this art of crochet, I love what I do, and every day I love more, and you can too, but first you have to start and insist, only then will we achieve what we want. Do not waste time start today and do not leave for tomorrow, tomorrow may be late. A big kiss


domingo, 16 de setembro de 2018

Standard crochet pillow with tutorial

Hello girls, today I bring you this beautiful crochet pillow. Very interesting with details made of flowers, very interesting for your decoration. Girls this crochet cushion I received from a very special friend, who found a video tutorial on the step by step of this beautiful cushion. We fell in love when we saw, so I decided to share with you this beautiful pattern of crochet shop. You beginners do not waste time and make yourself this beautiful cushion, to change your decor from your dining room, this crochet cushion gives a very vitage air to your decor. Because it has crochet points that are widely used and are being widely spoken in these last times, then it means that you will always be ahead of your time. So these points called popcorn points that are from Grandma's time are coming back with everything this season. Girls this crochet shop pattern that you are passionate about will notice that they are thread yarns a little thicker than the crochet blouses, they are firmer stitches, and the needle also used is thicker. So I ask you to look for a store closer to you to stay tuned in these points that we are talking about today. After shopping the line and the needle if you do not have it at home. Start the points and realize that there are practically two types of stitches to make this cushion, we all start with a chain and then the popcorn stitches and only open the stitches until finishing the pattern. Each one has a matching size of your choice, so follow the measurement of your cushion you want to make of your own. And it is also very important that the colors are colors of lines of your taste and your preference. After that finishes the front of the cushion, make the other side the same way as the first part. After that, only the two parts are in, and then your cushion is finally ready. Beautiful wonderful. Ready to change your decor. Everyone will love and wonder how you did it. Share with us, how amazing this experience was. We have on our web site several models of crochet patchwork, baby blanket, dresses for girls, crochet blouses, slippers, you will love. A kiss!!!