Shell Stitch in crochet for baby blanket. Step by step


Hello girls!!!! Today I come to bring you the Shell Stitch. Very well known as Concha. This is the name many crocheters give to this stitch. Shel Stitch is a very delicate crochet pattern, because it has a texture without losing delicacy, leaving a warm blanket with delicate stitches. For beginners, I offer a step-by-step pattern for you to learn slowly on video. For friends who love graphics, many friends work looking at the graphics, we have a graphic below that we share so you can observe the points used in this work. Today we are going to work on many high points. They are worked in the shape of shells, forming this wavy and warm texture. As it is a very well-known pattern, we will leave here the necessary materials for you to start your Shell stitch.

Crochet Stitches for Beginners

This pattern I will tell you that I fell in love with these shells. I was amazed how a pattern can make such a beautiful finish with just a thread and a crochet hook. The colors for the baby blanket are usually the most neutral and delicate colors so that you can make the baby calmer in the crib. Some babies play with the shells while they are in the crib this is wonderful!!! Seeing the baby having fun with the crochet blanket he got from his aunt. You can copy this pattern and print. Learn how to do it with your groupmates. Share this work with them. Learn how to make more baby blanket models that we have on our website. Check out some blankets for your Kaleidoscope bed that you will love. All made in crochet pattern. Use your leftover yarn you have around your house to learn this Afghan pattern today. Copy, paste and create your own work. Each of us has our own way of crocheting. 

The same technique, the points are different for each person. So don't be afraid to risk your own crochet stitch, skill comes with time. Use leftover yarn you have around the house to learn this Shell Stitch technique.

Wool or cotton yarn. 

You can use more than one different color of yarn.
Or just one color is fine. Small pointed scissors.
Crochet Hook

Consult the thread size to use the appropriate needle.

Abbreviations used:
Chain stitch: ch Lowest point: slt Double crochet/single stitch: dc/ sc. dot - dot Chain: Point 19+2
Row 1: Start with a chain multiple of 6. Make a stitch for turning. Make a Pa in the fourth chain counting the needle point. Skip two chains. Do 3 PA at the same point, skip two chains. Repeat until you restart the third chain. Turn point. Row 2: 3 Chains. 1 dc in the space in the middle of the shell. 3 dc in the next shell space. Repeat and turn the work. Repeat row 2 and make a Pa in the middle of the shell.

You can finish your work with a simple border for your baby blanket. The finish is beautiful. Learn this Shell Stitch pattern and note that this is a basic pattern made for beginners. 

Make a sample for beginners who are starting to learn this technique with leftover yarn that you have at home. And from there, buy the threads you like the most to make your baby blanket.

See other patterns you can create with this Shell Stitch crochet pattern. A beautiful and delicate pattern for your baby and for other jobs such as towels, blanket for your bed, rugs, scarf and much more.

Don't stay out of this, watch this beautiful pattern and do it yourself. See step by step below.