Crochet Blanket Pattern with Cherry Blossom Branches Mold


Hello girls!!! Today we are going to present a beautiful blanket pattern for all ages. A beautiful crochet cherry blossom blanket pattern. 

Stitch Blanket

A very delicate and specific handmade project that combines crochet and a design of a branch of cherry blossoms and flowers as well. Here you will find a simplified project for you to start today. 

Creating a crochet blanket with flowers and cherry blossom designs is a very beautiful and creative project too. The branches are details that make a lot of difference. In this simplified pattern you can adjust the size of the cherry blossom branches.

Cherry Blossom Crochet Blanket for Babies Crochet baby blankets are popular and ideal for several reasons: 

Softness and Comfort: Crochet allows you to create blankets with soft, cozy yarns that are kind to babies' sensitive skin. They are delicate to the touch and promise comfort to the baby.

Breathability: Crochet blankets are often more breathable compared to other materials such as denser wool blankets. This helps regulate the baby's temperature and prevents overheating. 

Design Versatility: Crochet offers a wide variety of designs, colors and patterns, allowing parents to choose something that suits the style of their baby's room or has a personal touch, like a handmade gift.

Crochet Blanket Pattern with Cherry Blossom Branches Mold

Durability: Well cared for crochet blankets can last for many years, even for use by future generations. They resist use and washing well. 

Meaningful Gift: Crocheting a blanket for a baby is a meaningful and loving gesture. It is a handmade gift that carries the effort and affection of a person who created it. 

Family Heirloom: In some families, crochet blankets are passed down from generation to generation, becoming family heirloom items that have a special emotional value.

Personalization: Crochet blankets can be personalized with the baby's name, date of birth or other special details, making them unique. 

Protection: Crochet blankets can be used to protect the baby while he naps or to cover him in colder environments. They are versatile and useful in various situations.
A simplified chart of a cherry blossom crochet pattern.

Crochet flowers step by step 

Worsted yarn in various colors (pink for cherry blossoms, green for branches and a background color) - Crochet hook appropriate for your yarn (usually recommended on the yarn label) 
- Yarn needle - Scissors 

Stitches Used
 - Current (ch) - Single Crochet (sc) - Half Double Crochet (hdc) - Double Crochet (dc) Blanket size You can adjust the size of your blanket by changing the initial chain length and number of rows. This standard provides a general guideline. 
Standard Cherry blossoms 
1. With your pink yarn, create a magic ring. 
2. In the magic ring, make 5 double crochets. 
3. Pull the ring tightly to close it.
4. Fasten off and sew at the ends. Make as many cherry blossoms as you like and arrange them randomly or in a pattern across the blanket. 
1. Using the green yarn, make a chain that matches the width of your blanket. 
2. Row 1: Starting in the 2nd chain from the hook, work 1 sc in each chain. Turn. 3. 
Row 2: Chain 1 (does not count as a stitch), knit 1 hdc in each stitch across. Turn. 4. 
Round 3: Chain 2 (counts as sc), work 1 sc in each stitch across. Turn. 5. 

Repeat row 3 until the branch is the desired length, changing to brown or another branch color if desired. 6. Fasten off and sew at the ends. 

 Blanket bottom 1. Using the background color, make a chain that adapts to the desired width of your blanket. 2. 
Row 1: Starting in the 2nd chain from the hook, work 1 sc in each chain. Turn. 3. 
Row 2: Chain 1 (does not count as a stitch), knit 1 hdc in each stitch across. Turn. 4. 

Repeat row 2 until the bottom is the desired length. 

1. Place your branches on the background with a nice design. You can make the branches stretch from one side to the other and place cherry blossoms on the branches. 
 2. Attach the branches by sewing them to the bottom using a thread needle and thread in the same color as the branch. 
3. Attach the cherry blossoms to the branches using a thread needle and pink thread.
4. Continue adding twigs and cherry blossoms until you are happy with the design. Finishing How to crochet a basic flower Intertwine all loose ends. Optionally, add a border of your choice to the blanket to give it a finished look. 

This is a basic guideline and you can be creative with your design. You can change the color palette, add leaves to the branches, or adjust the placement of the cherry blossoms to create a beautiful and unique cherry blossom branch crochet blanket.