How to make a Crochet Strawberry Potholders

Hello girls, crochet strawberry is always a delicious experience!

Who doesn't like strawberries!!! 

One of my favorite fruits! In crochet, strawberries have existed for many years. It's back in a slightly larger format. The big strawberry are the darlings of women crocheters. 

They are crochet stitches for beginners and they are done in a very short time. There are several ways you can use this pattern in everyday life in your home. 

For crochet lovers, you can learn this stitch to make everything from a bag of strawberries the crochet to a crochet pillow made of strawberries and a pot holder to make your kitchen more colorful. 
Or even a strawberry keychain for your kitchen key. 

Crochet strawberries fit in many places in your home. Learn today and don't waste time.
Let's learn the stitches used in this pattern and the video with the step by step for beginners.

You who want to start with this pattern and already know some crochet chains, follow our step by step and you will realize that our website can present you with many decorating ideas for the environment, your home, models of blankets, crochet pillows, dresses for girls , cardigans, lots of sweaters, skirts with looks for this season, zig zag with kaleidoscope blanket crochet patterns and much more. 

Lots of interesting tips and ideas for you to fall in love with.

crochet strawberry
Crochet Strawberry

Crochet Strawberry Keychain

Recently my daughter got a crochet flower to put in her backpack. A friend from school gave it to the friends that her grandmother had made. Honestly, I was so in love with that flower that I asked my daughter to give it to me. Ahhh but she didn't give it to me, she just lent it to me so I could take the mold. 

A small gift that makes such a difference. A treat, a affection that makes us feel remembered. It made such a difference for my daughter because she was in a new school. She brought her friends together and they are still together at this school today. 

I approached the parents because she wanted to know who the grandmother was who had done that beautiful work. Crochet has the gift of bringing people together, I feel that with every stitch I make in my work. As we are today approaching in words, so it will always be.

Crochet Pattern

Crochet patterns have been around since many years ago. In the bible we can see women weaving clothes for their children and husbands, blankets to protect from the cold. 

Crochet is part of this work that is so old and admired by all. Today we have thousands of crochet patterns, some easy and some not so easy. 

But to help we have the videos that can help us. Many friends earn an income to help their families and that makes a difference in everyday life.

crochet strawberry
Crochet Strawberry


Red wool yarn green wool yarn Black wool yarn for strawberry seeds. For our detail-oriented friends. 

4mm crochet hook Scissors Start with a magic ring, continue making 6 single crochets in the ring. 

End with low points. 

Form a circle to finish the first part. Make the stem of the strawberries with the green yarn. Continue with the black lines for the strawberry seeds.

Easy Crochet Strawberries

I love to decorate the children's room. A crochet pillow is much more cheerful in the children's room. A very interesting tip for bedroom decor. The plate holders are also beautiful to put on the lunch table.

Block Stitch Crochet.

They are block stitches and very easy to make. A beginner level that you will fall in love with. This work is done with high point blocks. Learn how to do this block stitch and see how easy it is.

Take advantage of this season to crochet, gather your friends and have fun with the various models that we present to you. I want to thank you for the enormous affection with me and take advantage and ask you to share this work with your friends. 

Make groups and share this beautiful pattern of strawberries. See how easy it is. Remember - if I can do it, you can too.