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Long crochet skirt for this season. Believe if you want the skirts come back with everything this winter, and are in various looks pattern shop of fashionable women or even on the runways. The crochet pieces have a romantic feel to be made by hand, depending on the accessory they become a very chic and beautiful piece to be combined in the cold which is a season that we have become more elegant. Everything is a combination issue and good taste !!!
Today it is possible to find in crochet pattern skirts a mixture of colors, but the most darlings are: nude, gray, white and sand. Good size is to your liking, Mini, short, long, with opening. The long skirts came full of transparencies, which leaves the look with a certain sensuality and that makes us women feel beautiful !!!! Not to mention that crochet skirts combine with everything beautifully, with this fashion cropped or a basic regatinha depending on the occasion. If you prefer a more elegant look bet on a more satin blouse looks beautiful !!! Accessories is also a great bet as boots, belts, bags, etc ... Crochet skirts for being versatile can be worn day and night. The crochets are pieces that become luxurious because they are unique pieces and therefore become very luxurious, one in each moment, each with its history. 

Basic crocheted skirt. techniques and step by step simple crochet.
Long crochet skirt for this season
Long crochet skirt for this season
Basic crochet skirt graphic. take a closer look at this basic step-by-step model.

Check your crochet measurements. see the table of points to exit according to your measurement to finish.

Long crochet skirt for this season

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