Square Crochet Wedge Stitch With Chart For Beginners


Crochet Wedge Stitch are crochet motifs made in the shape of bricks. The triangles are compounded and joined at the corners and formed until a baby blanket or bed throw is formed.
These stitches are easy to make and look beautiful in two different colors. These crochet Wedge Stitch stitches are done in two rows.
Crochet Pattern for Beginners
Craftsmanship is a creative and relaxing art. Crocheting is a perfect art for beginners who want to do crafts. Here you will find a step by step guide to make this beautiful crochet work.

The crochet wedge stitch is an art made in triangles. Also known as Triangle Point. A crochet technique that creates a triangular shape by connecting the stitches at the corners. 

Thus leaving a triangle set, forming a rhombus. This crochet pattern can be worked in many different yarns and colors. Be creative and don't be afraid to change. 

Crochet is an artistic art and you can use your creativity. Each person has their own style, use it for your benefit and discover your artisan skills. 

Here you can find this Wegde Stitch crochet stitch for beginners:
Crochet Wedge Stitch

Necessary materials:
Crochet yarn of your choice. 

Two different crochet thread colors. 

1 small scissors 

1 Crochet hook suitable for the chosen threads.

1- Make a magic circle or a knot and place it on the crochet hook. Make 3 to 5 simple chains to form the base of the triangle.
2- First row work the low point. In the second chain continue making the low points until the end of the career you chose.
3- To increase the crochet triangles, make two stitches in the last stitch of the previous row.
Crochet Wedge Stitch

4- Keep working the low points according to the previous row.
5- At each new row, increase 2 single crochets according to the stitches of the previous row. Making the piece grow in the shape of a triangle.
6- Change the color of the crochet thread and repeat step by step 4 until you make a row of crochet triangles. Note on properly sizing chains to match your desired blanket size.
Be brave and creative don't be afraid, test this motif on a small piece of thread work small stitches and keep working until your work is done. 

This technique is very easy, the stitches are basic I'm sure you'll love this work. Train your skill and see more variations and combinations of blankets with flowers here on our website.
We have many patterns of kaleidoscope crochet blanket, basic crochet blouse, 3D flowers, granny square, baby blanket, scarf and Box Stitch and many other crochet patterns.

Final Recommendations:

Enjoy our work. We are very happy when you share and send photos of a work done by you. We hold it dearly. 
Like our website and share with your friends. Take advantage of crochet groups with the family and have fun learning new handicraft techniques. 

I'm sure if I learned you will too. See you later!!!