domingo, 30 de julho de 2017

How to make a crochet blouse with graphic and video step by step

Hello, girls, that's fine ... I was thinking of a beautiful crochet blouse to make it cheerful and colorful for my crocheted friends and I remembered a message I received from a friend who showed me this beautiful, lovely blouse that I was in love with and I need to show her to You dear ones. This crochet blouse is a classic for women because it is acceptable for all sizes and it fits in all styles of women and I'm sure you will be very happy to make this beautiful blouse because it is adjustable for all sizes. This crochet blouse has a circle on the side that looks very elegant and gives a charm to the piece. You can wear this blouse with a top, or a more open blouse underneath the blouse because the stitches of the circle crochet blouse are open stitches and therefore can have transparency. If you want to dare and stay sexy then you can bet on a shorter top. The sleeves are more open at the cuffs, and are not long, giving a more uncluttered air to the crochet piece, as this blouse is a more cheerful and sophisticated blouse to wear with jeans on warmer days, so it does not have to be too Long. This circle of crochet gives a charm and elegance to the piece. You'll look beautiful in this crochet blouse and you'll be able to take advantage of the graphic below, just as you can see the video with the tutorial and you can pause several times until you finish all the work. The pattern shop offers several color options for you to be inspired and who knows how to make several sweaters like this. We are always with news from this world of crochet for you to learn and fall in love with these beautiful blouses, dresses and crochet rugs always for you to stay ahead of your time. A girls kiss !!!

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Como faço pra fazer tamanho G?

Can i get the video in english subtitle??thanks ❤️