How to Crochet Waffle Stitch. Pattern for Beginners


Who loves this crochet pattern for making baby blankets and blankets:

Hello girls!!!! Today we will learn how to crochet the Waffe Stitch

A very delicate stitch and has a very interesting texture. Crochet work looks incredible with this pattern. 

Let's do this beautiful pattern step by step. For beginners, a basic and easy-to-make pattern. 

The "waffle stitch" stitch (bubble stitch or honeycomb stitch) is an interesting crochet stitch that creates a raised texture similar to honeycombs. There are several reasons why someone might want to crochet the waffle stitch:

1- Decorative Texture: The waffle stitch creates a visually appealing texture in your crochet projects. It's a great choice for decor items such as pillows, blankets and throws.
2- Thermal Insulation: The dense texture of the waffle stitch also makes projects thicker and therefore better for thermal insulation. It can be used to create winter pieces such as scarves, gloves and hats crochet.
3- Technique Exercise: Making the waffle stitch is a great exercise to practice your crochet skills, as it involves several different techniques, such as single crochet, double crochet and picot.

4- Handmade Gifts: Projects made with the waffle stitch can make unique and special gifts for friends and family. The unique texture makes your homemade items even more valuable. 

5- Variety of Projects: The waffle stitch can be used on a variety of projects, from garments to accessories and home items. The quirkiness makes it a valuable addition to your crochet stitch repertoire. 

6- Learning and Fun: Learning new crochet stitches and experimenting with different textures can be a fun and rewarding activity for crochet enthusiasts. 

The waffle stitch is a challenging and intriguing stitch that can bring fun to your crafts.
Crochet Waffle Stitch

Wafer stitch, also known as leaf stitch, is an embroidery stitch used to create realistic leaves and features in flowers and other representations of plants. Here is a step-by-step guide to making the wafer stitch:
Crochet Waffle Stitch. Necessary materials:

- Crochet yarn in the color of your choice 
- Crochet hook compatible with yarn size
Step 1: Make a chain (base chain) with a number of stitches that are multiples of 3 +2. 
For example, you can make a chain with 20 stitches to start with.

Step 2: Skip the first 2 stitches in the chain (they will count as the first double crochet) and work 1 double crochet in the third stitch from the hook. 

To do a double crochet, loop over the needle, insert the needle into the stitch, draw a loop (three loops on the needle), and then loop over the needle and through two loops, doing this twice (getting with just one loop on the needle).
Step 3: Work 1 double crochet in each of the next 2 stitches in the chain, then work 1 double crochet in the next chain. Repeat what is between the asterisks (*) until the end of the chain.
Step 4: When you reach the end of the chain, work 2 double crochets into the last stitch of the chain.
Step 5: Turn the work over.
Step 6: Make a chain (ascending chain) to start the next round, then work 1 double crochet in the second stitch of the previous row (the first double crochet of the previous row).
Step 7: Work 1 double crochet in each of the next 2 double crochets of the previous row, then work 1 double crochet in the next double crochet of the previous row. Repeat what is between the asterisks (*) until the end of the row.
Step 8: When you reach the end of the row, work 2 double crochets in the last double crochet of the previous row.
Step 9: Repeat steps 5 to 8 until you reach the desired length.
Crochet Waffle Stitch

Crochet Waffle Stitch. Final Observations:
Remember that waffle stitch is a technique that creates a raised texture, and the pattern forms as you repeat rows. Keep repeating rows until you get the desired size of your project. The "waffle stitch" is great for creating warm, cozy crochet pieces like blankets and scarves.
In short, the waffle stitch is a versatile crochet technique that can be used on a variety of projects. It's a popular choice because of its interesting appearance and cozy texture, and it can also be a fun way to expand your crochet skills.
Crochet Waffle Stitch. Thanks:

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