Crochet Elements Call / Crochet Pattern


Hello girls how are you. Today I'm in love with this crochet pattern called "elements". Beautiful pattern, wonderful. So I am here today to share this pattern with you. If you are passionate about crochet, just like me you can start today. 

See photos in red and blue. See girls who are a set of varied colors, a perfect combination made very carefully. If you like this job and want to learn more about this pattern "elements lime" then first choose wool lines of colors of your choice, second: choose colors that match the environment of your house or the house you will be making the quilt crochet.

Make a model pattern for you first, to train the technique, with flakes of yarn that you have at home yourself. Below I am attaching a video for you to do leisurely in your home, sitting on the couch, quiet. After that, I'll just train my beloved crochet shopkeeper on duty. 

I am grateful to God for the opportunity to learn and share this beautiful work with you. I hope to find them in the next crochet pattern with more news on our web site. If you want to learn blouses, blankets for babies. Kaleidoscopes of crochet. Log on to our web site and you can learn all these free patterns. 

A kiss to all and see you next time.

Elements Cal Crochet

Crochet Patterns Elements Cal Crochet Square

I thought of making table supports for pots with this pattern, it looks beautiful, I saw it at a friend's house. What do you think.

Check out an available model below. Awesome those dots effect that this pattern presents. I'm delighted with this point I think it's so radical. Take a close look at the pattern below and you'll see that it's very easy to do. In PDF you can do it very easily and the video below will be able to answer your questions. Enjoy below.

Colorful Lovely yarns crochet Model Square

Elements Cal Crochet
Elements Call Crochet

We can see that there is a square with rounded corners. From a square we can incorporate larger designs. usable as a trivet, coaster or even a napkin. The blanket would be wonderful. In the example below, we see a blue square blanket, one of my favorite colors.

Tutorial Esasy model square crochet Patterns