Fun Ripple Stitch. Chart for Download


Fun Ripple Stitch is a very easy crochet stitch. It creates a wavy texture and makes the work very creative. This crochet pattern is often used in blankets, scarves, and other projects. 

Here you can find a basic explanation of a very fun and easy Fun Ripple Stitch job.

One of the most popular crochet techniques you will ever know, including the granny square of course. There are so many models and patterns for this job. But I had an idea for beginners, to be able to learn this technique on video and slowly. 

We have the step by step and watch the video below. The waves of this crochet stitch you can dive in and have fun with them. 

Download the free pattern below and see the colors you can use in this beautiful Fun Stitch crochet pattern. Before starting, choose the wool yarn that you like best. Look for at least two colors so that you can see the ripple effects of the pattern.

Here are some tips for you to learn the step by step of this beautiful vintage crochet pattern very popular among crocheters. Download and learn this beautiful Ripple stitch crochet tutorial today.

Learn how to do the basic crochet stitches. Don't forget to follow the explanations below.

Let's start!!! Separate the materials and don't forget to separate at least 02 strands of different colors. The model above is using 05 different threads. 

Lines that combine with each other. They looked beautiful. The soft autumn tone will look wonderful in the bedroom decor. See some colors of crochet blankets with Fun stitch for babies, more neutral colors and according to the mothers' taste.
02 Lines of the colors you like the most. At least. 

01 Small scissors.

Graphic: Download the points for free and see the colors for your work. 

1 Start by doing a basic chain of multiples of a number. Example multiples of 9 and add one more chain to make the single crochet. Work a certain number of chains. Example 3 chains. And make the DC multiples in the 4th chain. Continue doing the DC in each of the next chains. 

2 The ripple effect you work the increase and decrease in the same line. Example. 

3 Increase: Work two DC points on the same chain. 

4 Decrease: Skip an amount of chain and then do a double low cock decrease. 

5 Yarn and insert hook in chain stitch, yarn over and pull through 1 yarn over, yarn over and pull through 2 yarn overs, yarn over, insert needle in next stitch. Loop and pull a loop. Loop and pull 02 loops. 

Lace and insert the needle into the next stitch. Loop and pull a loop, loop and pull 02 loops. Then loop and pull all the loops that were left on the crochet hook. Then turn the work. 

Repeat the pattern for each row, and don't forget to increase and decrease according to the previous rows. Continue your work until it is the size and color look you want.

Final remarks:

Remember to observe the pattern and tutorial you are going to choose for the exact count of the chains and that way you will get a beautiful and creative work for your home. See some bed blanket zig zag that you will love on our website. 

We have crochet blouses, scarf patterns, basic and very elegant blouses for warm seasons. Crochet is an art that changes people's lives. It changed my life, it can change yours too.