Crochet zig zag blanket with graphic

Hello, girls ... today I have one more crochet work for beginners with very practical chart to do. I love this zig zag point the variety of colors that this point is able to provide. As it leaves the atmosphere more joyful, I am crocheting a cushion to illuminate my room where I like to read, I find very beautiful the standard zig zag model. I also found it interesting that step by step jumping a small house at the bottom, but we have other recipes each one more beautiful than another. The standard shop is very happy to bring graphics and models of crochet recipes so that you are always ahead of your time, I hope you enjoy that much talked about these last days, we call zig zag. This stitch is very beautifully finished, gives a mobile look, this is the charm of zig zag stitch, this finish gives movement that we as crocheteras have the greatest joy to do, give movement to the stitches.You make your own crochet pieces , Then you do your fashion, every step you give pattern shop you will see how important the crochet in our life. This beautiful covered with hot spots blends warm colors leaves your environment even more welcoming to buy pattern that you will use in decorating your home. Usually we use these covers to decorate a sofa, to put on the bed, also gives a warmer look to the environment. You will see how delighted you are to make that point. On the site we also have models of dresses and rugs for you to fall in love with. Between the standard store is always ahead of your time always bringing updates for you to use and decorate your environment. Thank you so much girls for your affection. Wonderful pattern shop for you !!!!! Kisses Kisses !!!!

Look at girls ... the charm of this zig zag pattern shop piece and how beautiful it looks in any environment, the dot model and with it this graphic to make it easier to work, and to ensure its success. We have more models of zig zag dresses for you who want to practice your gifts even more.