How to Crochet Beanie with easy stitches

Let's talk about this beautiful crochet hat that you can learn by following the tutorial below. The tradition of crochet with the beauty of 3D leaves.

A Crochet Beanie is a very charming and functional item. Used at any age and in all styles. In women and babies they are very used in the cold season, some men also like to keep warm with the crochet cap. 

The crochet hat offers comfort and safety for babies, it is an item that all mothers want to have for their little ones. In addition to being a piece full of charm, it makes the look even more beautiful and comfortable. 

A beautiful piece handmade by soft yarn. They are very delicate and can be used in any season of the year.

Advantages about the crochet Beanie for babies

One of the main advantages of the crochet hat for babies is to keep babies warm in the cold. This crochet beanie model does not offer tightness, leaving it warm without bothering the babies. Choose this pair of crochet hats for babies to make them feel more comfortable.

In addition to keeping babies warm, crochet threads are made from natural cotton materials and maintain the ideal temperature for baby's sensitive skin.
There are several different models of crochet hats. Some crochet amigurimi, with crochet ears, others more neutral. You can use your creativity and start one right now and use your style and creativity for your baby. 

This piece can be used as a very special gift for a newborn. A very beautiful and delicate handmade gift, it has a very special meaning.

crochet beanie

Crochet Stitches for Beginners

You can make a beautiful scarf with that same woolen thread to match your baby.


Necessary materials crochet beanie

  • Crochet yarn in desired color 3mm 
  • Crochet hook Scissors 
  • Point markers

Headband crochet models for girls.

Start the base of the crochet hat with the Tunisian stitch. Crochet 16 double crochets in the first crochet circle for the base. Make a double crochet over each double crochet you make the first circle.

Do it until you realize that the size of the circle is enough for your work. Usually for small babies it is 48 double crochets for the base of the work. 
crochet beanie

Finish the base chain in a circle. Make a very slip stitch to join the two ends without twisting the work. Make a chain to go up and a very low point. 

Always make a chain to go up and a single crochet to join the ends. After you measure the base and see that it is correct according to your baby's size, let's make the leaves in 3D. 

Pick a stitch and go up 5 double crochets on top of the base chain. Work on the same chain. 1 double crochet, 2 double stitches and 1 double crochet. 

Then a very low point and secure in the next career that was made the base.

Easy Crochet Beanie

crochet beanie

Repeat 6 times to create the 3D leaves. Finish with single crochets all around. 

Finally, leave a 15 cm yarn over, pass it inside the hat and finish with a few stitches to hide the yarn. Your beautiful 3D leaf crochet hat is ready.

Final thoughts on the Leaf 3D crochet beanie

I want to thank everyone who is part of this project. Share your works with us. See more 3D kaleidoscope crochet blanket models, Pineapple stitch blouse and many other patterns we have. A charming choice for both those who make and those who use it.