Kaleidoscope Blanket Crochet



Hello girls!!!! Now let's learn this beautiful crochet technique. The Kaleidoscope crochet blanket is a very beautiful wool yarn blanket. A very easy crochet blanket. 

For your crochet friends, you will only be able to follow the tutorial that we are going to share with you. For beginner crochet lovers learn how to make the video with the step by step. I really like crochet blankets for cold days. 

They leave the room very tidy and organized. For friends who love this granny square technique, they will learn this blanket very quickly. Don't leave your desire to learn this technique for tomorrow, start today.

3D Crochet Blanket

The kaleidoscope story is actually an optical illusion emitted by ambient light. When this light is emitted on the glass or somewhere it emits various colors.

Dear friends, do you imagine that crafts brought this wonderful art to crochet? By making several crochet squares together you will be able to transmit the kaleidoscope in the form of art through crochet.

My story:

When I fell in love with this yarn pattern, my daughter became so interested in the kaleidoscope and asked me to do a job that she saw on the internet. 

So for a few hours I stopped my work. I placed 3 30 cm rulers next to each other and closed with black tape around it and added a bunch of sequins and colored sparkles. 

Then I made a small hole at the end of the rulers that were closed by the black tape and we observed a beautiful handmade kaleidoscope. LOL she loved this work done in such a short time. She showed it to friends. 

I felt so happy and started to see a little bit of kaleidoscope history. That's why I brought you today a bit of history and this amazing crochet blanket you're learning today. 

Now you already have a story to tell along with your blanket when it's ready.
Kaleidoscope Blanket Crochet
Kaleidoscope Blanket Crochet

Granny Square

This pattern is one of the first crochet patterns. Since I was a child I have known these points. So simple. But beginners find it so difficult. 

Learn it and you'll see how easy all the others are to do.

The granny square is a base pattern for the other stitches.

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The colored threads are often important in the making of this blanket. To give the kaleidoscope effect is very important. Imagine the colors of the rays of light. This is the effect we are going to have on the people who will be seeing this work.

The patterns are repetitive and the colors are usually combined with primary colors.

Baby Blanket

For babies, the blankets are beautiful, but I advise you to choose delicate colors and neutral threads, if possible a blue color with a combination of various light and dark tones. 

That's my favorite. Babies feel better with light colors, it makes them calmer and calmer. Strong and vibrant colors make them more agitated.
Kaleidoscope Blanket Crochet


Necessary Materials

Colored threads or threads of the same color with different tones. 

Example: blue: Threads of light tones and dark blue and white for the beginning of the work. 

Small scissors 

Crochet needle.

Step by Step:

Start with a crochet chain. Make a chain with an odd number. Make a double crochet in each chain stitch. Start at the third point on the needle. 

After that make a double crochet again. At the end of the row make two double crochets. Turn pattern over and double crochet in each stitch. Until the penultimate. 

After that Make a border around the granny square. Effect of half a granny square. This way you will work the squares and increase the threads. Don't forget to change the colors according to the image above.

Kaleidoscope Blanket Crochet


Thank you to all the friends who have been following our site for many years. This return from you that motivates us every day and inspires us to make each day better. 

 Share your work with us, we are very happy to receive your finished work. Leave your doubts in the comments and we will respond as soon as possible.

 And remember, if I can do it, you can too.