Charlotte's Sunshine Crochet Beadspread - Patterns


Charlotte's Sunshine Crochet Beadspread. Beautiful work that I want to share with friends. A beautiful work made by fairy hands. I found this pattern and I was delighted with the details of this pattern.

A charm made by the hands of Dedri Uys. Handicrafts have been standing out more and more in home decor every day. They are in fashion every year and there's no way not to mark time since grandma's square. Even this crochet blanket pattern that I'm going to share with you today.

This technique that we are sharing today is one of the newest we have in the craft world. A very beautiful pattern. Every detail made with delicate stitches. Charlotte's standards are worthy of an award. I am delighted every time I see a finished work.

Wool threads are usually ordered in advance so they don't get the different colors. Even though the pattern is white, each skein may have some difference in color. That's why 20 rolls of white or neutral wool yarn are used. I also really like that color.

Charlotte's Sunshine Crochet Beadspread
Charlotte's Sunshine Crochet Beadspread

Crochet Bedspread Step by Step

Sophie's Universe rounds 1-8
Row 9: sc 7, dtr 2, dc 2, ch 2, skip 3, dc group in next st (using treble 3), ch 3, dc group in next st, ch 3, dc group in next st, skip 3, 2 sc, 2 sc repeat 3 more times, sl st to join
Row 10: If using the same color, ch 2. 

This counts as your first mpa. If using a different color, splice the wire with hdc upright. This counts as your first hdc. 10 hcc. Now you have 11 hdc. 2 hdc in 2nd ch space, hdc in group 1 space, 3 hdc in 3rd ch space, (2 hdc, ch2, 2 hdc) in next group st, 3 hdc in 3rd ch space, hdc in ch of the grouping, 2 mpa in the space of the 2nd chain, 11 hdc. Repeat 3 more times omitting the last 11 hdc

Charlotte’s Sunshine Baby

I see many friends who are making this charlotte dream pattern for babies to finish the edge of the blanket with a specific stitch. In this pattern it is being finished with the phoenix pattern stitch. It was excellent for this job.
But you can use whatever point you like. I noticed that this pattern is used a lot in many different ways. Our friends adapt the stitches to the colors of their choice and the edges are one more beautiful than the other. I am delighted with the Charlotte blankets for babies in blue colors. Very delicate, it looks beautiful for the decoration of the baby, really a charm for the room.

Crochet Pattern
Charlotte's Sunshine Crochet Beadspread
Charlotte's Sunshine Crochet Beadspread


Feel free to develop your own Charlotte pattern. The specific colors you find in the charlotte square. When she made the first official square you could find the specific colors. This pattern is for beginners even though it looks very difficult but start in pieces and feel free to adapt this pattern with stitches you already know.

I want to thank all the friends who share work with us, it is a great joy to be able to collaborate in some way for their growth in this work. Hope you like this pattern. Share with your friends. See also a beautiful pattern below of Crochet Log cabin afghan.

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