Blanket Amazing - tutorial free

Hello girls, you were waiting for me, I came back with this amazing blanket. Of course you can not miss this graphic and the free tutorial I found wonderful pattern shop that you need to start doing. I have received many crocheted beggings that need to start doing this job as soon as possible, because they are having many orders for this crochet pattern shop, so I decided to present it to those who do not know it and for beginners who are looking for it standard and need to know how to assemble this beautiful work of blanket crochet, is there for you to see and fall in love with this blanket. It looks very beautiful for the decoration of your room, or also with a more delicate color can also be used for a baby's room, for sure this square you will always wear, it is amazing !!!!! I'm presenting below for you the template for you to go to the assembly of this blanket, it is much easier, the step by step I am presenting this amazing blanket in a very fun video that you will like too and can pause as many times as necessary, for the crocheteras beginners. We at the pattern shop have many new features on our web site so you can enjoy every square, every blanket, dress, blouses and much more just for crochet lovers. We are proud to believe that we have the opportunity in front of us enough, to start, just a small initiative of yours and you will see how amazing it is to know this universe of the crochet. This square pattern shop you can make other models you find, with different colors according to your taste. A kiss to all of them crocheted. To the next!!!!