How to make a single Crochet Hexagonal Flower.


Crochet hexagonal flowers are beautiful and often used in crafts such as blankets, boots, crochet rugs. Some blankets for babies are very useful. 

Crochet hexagonal flowers are so called because they have 6 sides. They are very easy to make. There are several ways to create crochet hexagonal flowers. 

Let's make a tutorial and the necessary materials for you who are starting. Follow with us a very simple example of a crochet hexagonal flower.

An flower crochet pattern template for you to make a beautiful crochet boot.

Warm your feet

On cold days I have a problem with cold feet. When my feet are cold, I can't do many activities because cold feet bother me.

At night I have a problem sleeping with cold feet, while I don't get warm my feet can't sleep.

This model of crochet boots with flowers you can also learn on our website with step by step. There you will find a model of crochet blanket with beautiful flowers to decorate your home.

Crochet Slipper Boot very simple
Crochet Slipper Boot 

Then I had an idea. Bringing you this beautiful work of African crochet flowers for you to make a beautiful crochet boot to warm your feet during the day.

And a beautiful sock with the same pattern to warm your feet overnight.

Crochet Hexagonal Flowers Patterns

I love to crochet patterns. I really like practicality, I like to learn patterns that can be used with other crochet jobs.

Crochet Slipper Boot
Crochet Slipper Boot 


 Make a magic circle first.
1- Start the center of the flower with four chains. 17 double crochets in the circle.
2- Gather the yarn with a triple crochet. Slip stitch, three loops on hook. 

3- Insert the hook in the space on the row where you joined, loop over the hook and pull a loop. 

4- Secure the wire in any space. 

Three chains, four double crochets in the same. Continue pattern of 5-3-3, double crochets in each space, until all 18 spaces are filled.

A crochet pattern can make other patterns.

crochet boot

Unite the hexagonal patterns and have fun putting more colors on the feet to make them warmer. My grandmother loves this type of shoes. I'm sure hers will love the gift.

Learn flowers hexagon.

Flowers are beautiful flowers that you can learn to make today. 

African Flowers 

Are beautiful for these models of boots. They are soft and fluffy for babies.

Learn the pattern of African flowers on this site.

I am sure that in just one night you will be able to finish your work. It only takes one day to wear them and you won't be able to get more off your feet. I love my crochet shoes. You will also love them, they are very comfortable.