Crochet African Flower Square Pattern


Hello girls .. all right .. today I bring to you another beautiful and delicate crochet pattern with Crochet African Flower  with free templates and videos with the step by step tutorial.

This pattern of crochet is vintage for the crocheteras that are in this world of crochet. This pattern is widely used for the amigorumis, which are being very well made through this pattern, in the blankets this crochet pattern of Crochet African flowers are very used also giving a 3D effect and are beautiful blankets for babies being very used in Children's rooms due to being a very cheerful and colorful flower pattern with delicate colors make it a very nice and delicate environment I'm sure your friends will love. This pattern is fron African Flower Square by Barbara G Smith.

Learn the step by step video tutorial below. You will see how easy it is to make these African flowers. Share with us your work.
I found many friends who are learning step by step and are earning money from the tutorial videos that I share with you. Dear friends, I sincerely hope you enjoy the graphic below and the video tutorial. See also crochet blankets and baby dresses.

African Crochet Patterns

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Girls, what we want most is for you to have fun with this art made by your own hands. Surely you will learn much more through our web site. We have news that goes far beyond your time.

You know that wool is a natural product that when it passes through the skin of a baby does not irritate you, and that you are doing a very great good for nature by producing parts of your own hands and using pieces of woolen threads.

This is wonderful. Girls, we are privileged with this precious gift. So start today to make this beautiful African crochet flower and we also have a step-by-step video for you to learn and pause as many times as necessary.

Color definition for our crochet pattern African crochet flowers.

7 balls of white yarn to square the flowers, join and border

Flowers made with the leftovers to the original Persian Tiles blanket, Elements blanket, Persian Tiles Eastern Jewels blanket, Lily Pond blanket and Cosmic blanket.

Beautiful pattern see below the colors as they match!!!

African Crochet

Watch the video below and learn this beautiful crochet flower.