Square Crochet | with rings in video tutorial


Hi, girls, how are you? I'm bringing you a pretty pattern of crocheted squares with ring patterns today, I'm sure you'll use a lot. This type of crocheted square is widely used in rugs, rugs and models for decoration. They are very original and easy to make, and have a very creative look. The crochet patterns in squares are techniques that we have brought back many years since Grandma's time, as they say. We learned crochet in squares because it is easier to draw a model of squares to save for a day when you need a crochet model so you can look at that square and remember that day that you took a model in squares and separated it for a day when need, was not so, today with the technology you can look at a video and save on your favorites, or you can store in your crochet folder, today we are with other methods of storing our crochet pattern store pattern, but the essence is same and yet we continue to keep our patterns of crochet one way or another because one day we will certainly use it, and once we learn that simple square we can even make a huge blanket for my bed, or for a bed friend. That is why I tell you not to waste time and learn this crochet motif in rings and you are sure to love doing this ring shop pattern technique. Below is the step by step video tutorial that you can learn slowly and take your questions with your friends. Good luck to you and see you soon, girls ... Kisses !!!

Beautiful Crochet Pattern. I learned from this model how to make some crochet patterns like a blanket. I loved finishing a blanket with this crochet stitch. see more explanations

There are many ways to start making this model friends. but the video explains very well how to make and finish this crochet pattern.