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Hello girls ... all right ... today I bring to you this wonderful square all in crochet with the step by step pattern shop, which is indispensable to have in our wardrobe.

This poncho pattern is made with very practical lines to find with few color lines and I believe you will love doing this poncho in crochet because most of the time the ponchos are made of a graphic type only and the lines are also very Simple to do. 

The points are very simple, in this video tutorial presents the whole step by step and you can pause how many times necessary to make it easier for beginners, the codes of the lines you can use, in case you do not find this mark Use an approximate one too but be sure to check out a standard line store and talk to a reliable crocheter professional and she will certainly instruct you better.

The granny square crochet is very used, and it is very elegant knowing to match the colors that more favor you, look for colors more cheerful or neutral colors that you can use more times over other clothes. We are always with news and beautiful crochet ideas so you are always ahead of your time, always opening new horizons and knowing new things this is wonderful. 

Poncho in Crochet Diagram Basic Free Patterns

Croche poncho chart easy to make friends. Learn with simple model see below the diagram of this model

Crochet friends this is the crochet wonder for you today. Always be aware that this week I will be presenting a long sweater with very similar stitches and I'm sure you will love it. 

A kiss to all the friends and admirers of our web site. Thank you my loves.

Point diagram and simple. check your measurements. and start at the top. always and checking the crochet stitches of the diagram shape. check the crochet stitch counts.

Granny Square Pattern:

Granny Square / Crochet  Poncho
Granny Square Crochet  Poncho 

Easy Crochet Pattern

Find below a very beautiful granny square with a slightly different pattern than the image below. But I confess that both are my favorites and you won't be sorry if you learn this point. 

Watch the video that I share with you and you will realize that it is much easier than you think. I hope this video tutorial helps to clear your doubts.

Thanks to all the friends who share and support our website. I hope you like this crochet flowers pattern that we have for you who are looking for a pattern for Valentine's Day. Remember if I learned you can learn too!!! To the next!!!