How to make Crochet Flower / Video Tutorial


Crochet Flower. Very beautiful flowers for you to make with the simple and fun step by step. I'm so happy to share this beautiful crochet flower pattern. The crochet flowers are very delicate, the colors are amazing! You will fall in love with making this flower crochet work.

I am happy to be part of this group of crocheting friends who make this art a wonderful masterpiece. There are many works, incredible, brilliant. Crochet has become a trend all over the world and it's impossible not to recognize that crochet won the hearts of the fashion world on the catwalks. I'm not left out and I've been a crochet lover for a long time.

Today, the crochet has left grandma's square and kitchen rugs for interior designers. Today crochet is no longer an optional piece in your wardrobe and has become a priority piece. Everyone has at least one crochet piece in their wardrobe or home. There's no way to be a house and not have a crochet blanket or crochet pillows.

Today it is not just the elderly who are working with crochet, women are doing the crochet and earning the money and making an extra income from this work. Women are empowering themselves and often being the only ones to have a fixed income from within the home. How wonderful crochet such a delicate work making a difference in women's lives.

3d Crochet Flower

Below you will find a wonderful 3D blanket for you to learn and share with your friends.

About Pattern Crochet Flowers:

This pattern is very interesting for beginner crocheters. And for the girls who are looking for an extra income. Follow the step by step and watch the video tutorial for you to understand this very easy pattern to make. Colors make a difference in crochet work.

This crochet flower I was in love with the purple color. This purple flower brought me a lot of inspiration and excited me to share this pattern with you today. So the tip today is don't forget to choose colors that make you happy and that bring some joy to your home and to the person you're doing the work with. 

Material Crochet Flowers:

You will need:
A line of your favorite color.
A scissor.
A strand of green crochet thread.
A Chenille stick.

For the first row, you are going to make a slip knot and chain 40. (ch 40) You can make a bigger or smaller rose by changing this length, but I found 40 to be large enough. Not only that, you would have to make sure that the chain amount is a multiple that works with the next rows.

Step 2:

For the second row, we are creating a base that will allow the petals in the third row to sit properly once assembled.
(dc, ch 1, sk 1 ch, dc, ch 1) repeat until stitch before last.

In other words, you are creating V stitches separated by a missed stitch. The extra chains between double crochets allow the rose to begin curling and will be easier to roll up later into the finished rose. If you ever mess up, it’s okay, nobody will see. You will just have to change the end to have one more or one less V stitch.

Step 3:

The last row is the most time consuming, but in no way difficult. You will be creating a number of shell stitches which will model the beautiful petals you would find on a real rose.

(slst, 5 dc shell stitch) repeat until stitch before last.

FO leaving 20 inches or so to sew and complete.

Step 4:

Now you will begin to roll the rose up. I find it easier to work from the back side of the row or chains, rolling it up so that they align. Once the entire rose has been rolled up, you will need to use a tapestry needle to sew all the chains together. This ensures that the rose will not unravel. It is a good idea to make a double knot when you are finished and pull the end through and cut off a 5-inch tail.

See also this cute realistic flowers Video tutorial. Very cute or pattern.

The crochet flower pattern is made in stages. So it is important that you follow the steps above and watch the video tutorial that you find below. 

For beginner crocheters, check the thread store for a needle according to the thread you are going to choose. Show the pattern to the thread store and buy the needle according to the pattern you are going to make.

The finish of this crochet flower depends on your choice of thread colors and needle size. Choose the correct size needle. Ask for help. Share with us your work, we will be happy to participate in your life and your projects. We accept opinions and suggestions. Never give up on your dreams. Until the next work girls!!!