Learn how to Crochet High Top Sneakers

Crochet high top sneakers are so much fun. A great idea for you to make for your baby. A model of booties for babies that are warm and leave them with a lot of style. We have great ideas to inspire you to create your own baby booties.

This is a basic pattern for you to learn how to make your own baby booties.
You can choose the colors you like the most, my favorites are the Converse crochet booties for babies in red. Don't forget to choose the crochet yarn according to the model and size of your baby's feet.


- Threads in a color reminiscent of Converse sneakers. Choose wool yarn that is comfortable for your baby's feet. In addition to warming the feet, we need to think about comfort for your baby. - Crochet needle. 

Choose the needle according to the thread you have chosen. - Fabric for sole or canvas fabric. - Sewing needle for the sole. - A small pair of scissors
crochet high top sneakers

Instructions for Crochet High Top Sneakers are so much fun

- First measure your baby's foot size. Mark the foot size and width. 

- Make the chains according to the size of the baby's foot. 

- Make chains that are multiples of 2. 

- Start by making the sole of the bootie first, then crochet to make the base that matches your baby's foot size. 

- After finishing the entire size of the sole, you can climb the sides of the shoe.

- Create the dots on the sides according to the sole to create the pattern that corresponds to the bootie you want to work with. 

- Make a rectangle accordingly involving the sides of the baby's feet. 

- After you climb the sides, you can make tracks according to the model of sneakers you are working with. 

- Add details to make your work as personalized as possible. Example strap around the sole and eyelets on the laces. 

- Use threads of different colors for a contrasting effect on the sides. 

- Finish the upper part of the shoes and leave enough opening for the feet. 

- Finish by making a beautiful crochet shoelace to finish the model. They are usually made of white wool to give a beautiful contrast to your work.
Final recommendations - Crochet High Top Sneakers

Put it on the baby's feet and see if they are comfortable as well as beautiful. These are just some basic instructions for you to make a cute baby booties for your baby. 

I am sure that with this pattern you will be able to have several ideas of colors and different models for your baby.
Also see here on our website a beautiful pattern of boots with crocodile stitch for you to fall in love with. Feel free and share our pattern with your friends. 

We were very happy to be able to share some craft patterns for beginners. Five minutes craft makes a lot of difference. They make us happier.