How to Tunisian Crochet for Beginner


Hello girls!!! This is one of the most used techniques in recent months. Tunisian Crochet. Only one pattern and many options can be used through this technique.

We have a story behind these points. Check below from the story to how to make this beautiful crochet stitch so famous among our craft friends.

History of the Tunisian Point

The Tunisian crochet stitch is a stitch that has an origin story in Tunisia. They are more closed stitches usually used in blankets for babies, blankets to decorate the bed, some shawls, rugs, caps, blouses. They are embossed and thicker points. They look beautiful when finished.
Tunisian crochet technique.

Traditional Tunisian crochet uses another type of needle as a technique, larger than the crochet hook, but even so, some crochet friends manage to do this work with the traditional crochet hook. Feel free, see the needle of your choice and have fun with this wonderful stitch.

Decorating the house with Tunisian crochet.
Tunisian Crochet
Tunisian Crochet

You can use this technique in many ways for your home. Today puffs are being widely used to decorate a living room. The blankets for the sofa are beautiful made with this stitch. 

Use vibrant colors for this idea and see how the environment is much more pleasant or even fun. There are several ideas that we can use with this crochet pattern. That's why I brought this point today for you to learn and share with your friends.

Step by Step

Tunisian crochet starts with a traditional single chain. Despite the coincidence of crochet, Tunisian is crocheted back and forth. Your hook is longer than the crochet hook so don't turn the piece as you work and keep the right side facing you.

Afghan Crochet Hook

Tunisian crochet hooks are usually 20 to 35 centimeters. The needle has a ball at the end to keep the stitches from falling out. The stitches are worked on the needle, so the needle is bigger. The threads are easier to make with the larger needle, due to the texture of the threads a thicker and longer needle is needed.
Tunisian crochet is worked on top of the needle, as you make the loops on the needle, pass the needle back and forth giving the effect on the wool threads as you can find in the video we share.
Tunisian Crochet
Tunisian Single Stitch

Starting Tunisian Crochet for Beginners

Start like traditional crochet, with a little chain and work on the crochet hook. Then go on giving the necessary lacquers according to the size of the work you are doing. 

I recommend starting with a baby blanket. Because you will have an extra motivation to finish your work and leave it beautiful for your baby, or for a friend's baby. After the loop you need to work pulling a stitch, another loop and pull another stitch and finish the row. Do not turn the work, it is done on one side only.

Tunisian Crochet Stitch List 

- Tunisian Double Crochet 
- Tunisian Single Stitch
- Tunisian Popcorn Stitch 
- Double crochet

Tips for finishing the job

This is a tip for beginner crocheters.
Unlike traditional crochet, don't tighten the stitches too much. Tunisian crochet you can leave it looser to not have ripples.


I want to thank all my crochet friends. Welcome to our site for beginner friends who are starting their jobs with us. I want to tell everyone like I always say if I can do it you can too. Work and play in this work that is so rewarding, especially for women. To the next.

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