Bunny Pattern - Crochet Baby Blanket


Hello girls!!! A beautiful handmade crochet work for babies. I'm inspired by this time of year. Many mothers look for me to put this rabbit crochet pattern for commemorative days and I always forget. 

But this time I remembered. I'm so focused on my work that I'm reminded of my friends. I share with you this beautiful work made by hand by bunny artisans.

Bunny Pattern
Bunny Pattern 

The baby blanket pattern is a very simple accessory to make and something that will stay in a child's mind forever. A crochet blanket can be used as many times as necessary and lasts for many years. You can easily pass from one child to another.

Blanket Baby

For the crochet beginners, I ask you to take a good look at finishing the ends of the blanket so that it gives a very firm loop so that your work is not easily undone. This could be a detail. But how bad it is for a craftswoman to finish a crochet square and realize that she left a very wide stitch in the middle of the work.

Below you can find the mold to make and the explanatory video that we share. I would like to thank this video. That I found that is very interesting for beginner friends. They can pause as many times as necessary.

I know many friends who scrap all the work and start over. So my dear friends, let's pay attention to the details so that your work looks magnificent in the eyes of those who appreciate it.

Bunny Pattern

The bunny mold is very simple for friends who already have a little knowledge with the needle. Watch this mold below and see how it is made by parts.

Bunny Pattern
Tutorial Bunny


 - 1 crochet hook 

- 1 scissors with a small tip for handmade work.
- 1 line of pink color 

- 1 white thread to make the rabbit.
- 1 black thread to make the rabbit's eyes 

- 1 ball puff. You will do it yourself with your white line. 

- 1 pink satin ribbon to make the bunny bow. 

- 1 kitchen fork to finish.

Starting the Pattern

Always start with the rabbit's ears. The same color you are going to make the blanket. Make the magic circle to make the rabbit's face, if you have doubts, watch the video below and follow the circle. 

Then outline the ear in white, which is the same color you are going to make the rabbit's body. Make another magic circle for the bunny's body. Join the two parts.

It is getting beatiful!!!!!

Make chains around the circle so that they are glued to the square of the blanket to finish. Observation, the chains are pink, the same color as the blanket that will be made. After finishing the chains around the rabbit's body, that is, the two circles you made, you can make the points of the granny square around the rabbit and finish the granny square. 

They are the same points. We have here on our website a pattern for beginners that you can see. Finish with the two black eyes that you will be using with some black thread. Make the line for the nose with the same black line. Rabbits have a very small and cute nose!!! 

The pompom is very simple to make, we have a model here on our website for you to learn. with a kitchen fork. Wrap the white crochet threads several times around a kitchen fork. After that tie a knot and remove the thread. 

Cut several times. Finished the pompom. Place your rabbit square on the underside of the second circle at the rabbit's feet. After that your first rabbit square made for your blanket is finished. 

Make several rabbit squares and join the squares with double crochets. To finish, use a pink ribbon and make a bow to place between the two rabbit circles.

Your bunny is ready for its baby. It looks beautiful. I'm sure you'll get lots of compliments. I want to make it very clear that I love white rabbits. 

I have one at home in white. Rabbits are affectionate animals and great companions for children. Enjoy it while they are little and teach children to love animals.

Finishing the crochet work

Thank you to everyone who accompanied me in this beautiful work. I'm sure that if I learned it, you will learn it too. Children love animals, so be sure to introduce animals to this beautiful phase of their development. Share your work with us. We are grateful for your compliments on our work.

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