How to Make Tunisian Crochet Stitch


Tunisian Crochet Stitch
Tunisian Crochet Stitch

Learn how to do the Tunisian stitch. Fun and very creative to make. I've always been curious about the entrelac stitches. 

My question was will I get it. I'm so used to grandma's crochet and the Tunisian stitches are so beautiful but they seem so hard to do. But when I first saw a Tunisian crochet blanket made in interlaced diamond stitches I fell in love.

I couldn't stop picturing my blanket. Thought I'd make one for my daughter all colored in the rainbow colors she loves. Ps: she still likes unicorns. Girls, this blanket is not a simple blanket, the Tunisian stitches are more delicate and the way of working the thread is a little different. 

The crochet hook some friends in my whats group told me that they do the interlac stitch with the traditional crochet hook. But the correct thing is to do it with the Tunisian needle. It's up to your preference.

Entrelac Stitch:

The Tunisian stitch you can use threads that you have at home. Leftovers of colored crochet thread look beautiful in this entrelac crochet work. Work with colors that match. When I think of colors before starting my work, I always think of nature.


Before starting a pattern think about the colors you can use. Try to bring harmony to your work. Use your creativity and work with the wires you have in your house. Our friends who have been crocheting for some time, like me, know that there are many threads left at home and there are times when we feel like throwing them all away. In order not to store too many threads at home, use the remains of threads from past work. Another tip is to remember the seasons. 
Spring: cheerful colors more vibrant yellow, green, blue. 
Summer: Light pink, sea blue. (unicorn color). 
Autumn: Earthy colors. 
Winter: Ice white, Light blue, (frozen color).

Tunisian Crochet Stitch
Tunisian Crochet Stitch

A commonly used needle is the cro hook needle. But you who are a beginner can use the traditional crochet hook. The Tunisian needle is longer and helps with the farther stitches that are needed for this type of work. But for beginner friends who don't want to invest, you can do it with a traditional crochet hook.


1 cro hook needle 
1 scissors 
Colored yarn of your choice

When I started to learn, I realized that everything is difficult, until we learn and it becomes easy. This stitch is very close and the technique is easy, but it needs attention and creativity with the lines.

Tunisian Crochet Stitch

With the entrelac stitch it is possible to work on some models of pillows and blankets, handkerchiefs and bags. The Tunisian stitch looks beautiful when finished. Also enjoy some models of patchwork blanket, kaleidoscope, 3D blanket very easy to make for beginners. Cute blouses and coasters for Valentine's Day are a great idea for beginners.