Crochet Sousplat. A step by step for beginners.


This crochet work done in hearts is really wonderful. I love details. I always say that God lives in the details. And that's why the hearts that were made in another color give a very special touch to this crochet sousplat. This crochet thread is a thread that is very easy to find in crochet shops. That's why I prefer to use this neutral yarn because it's cheaper and easier to find in craft stores.

There are only two thread colors, but you can use your favorite colors. I have friends who used red hearts. I believe that red hearts are the most perfect. But a friend made all the sousplat the same color. In this case, when the lines are all the same color, the hearts do not appear, that's why 

I indicate the hearts made of a different color line for emphasis, it looks very beautiful. As the picture below for illustration. Don't miss the opportunity and start this beautiful
heart crochet sousplat for Christmas today. Your family will love it.

Crochet Sousplat
Crochet Sousplat

Step by Step:

Let's start our crochet sousplat with a white or neutral thread. 


1 thread of white or neutral color 
thread of red color or a color of your choice. 
1 needle 1 scissors.

Let's start our work by making a magic ring. Watch the video step by step to learn how to make this magic ring. Note: I received this video from a dear friend and decided to share it with you. If you can thank you for the credits in the video. Starting with 12 double crochets and 1 chain split between the double crochets. To close the magic ring you need to make a very low stitch. We will do 8 rows and 1 parting chain. Now we go to the second row, finishing the slip stitch. Row number 9 is 3 chains and 1 double crochet. separation current.

Let's go with 1 chain in orange and join with the thread in a neutral color. One orange double crochet and 1 chain. 2 double crochets in neutral color. 1 chain. Watch the tutorial video for more details. Difficulty level for this pattern: Easy for beginners. Just you following the instructions for sure you will get it. Many friends and web followers managed to earn extra income just with this crochet pattern for the holidays. Handicraft has helped many women who are alone at home and support the family to be able to pay for their children's school and buy food in the market, this already makes a lot of difference in the household budget. 

On behalf of some friends, I thank the creator of this wonderful video that I share with you. The whim and love that she made for this video was able to pass on to us through this tutorial. To finish the hearts you need to make 12 double crochets and 1 chain. To finish the heart, in the fourth stitch you will need to make 8 double crochets. in the third base point 1 slip point. Then 8 double crochets again. And so ends this divine pattern you have just learned. Always ending with a slip stitch. Now you can see the hearts. It looks beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful work. Crochet is my life and I am very happy to share work like this with you. If you learned this tutorial comment below what you thought and if you had any difficulties.

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