Crochet Triangles - Learn how to make a simple blanket.


Crochet Triangles. They are beautiful for your home decor. I found this beautiful work while looking for a baby hat that I plan to make soon. But I decided to share with you these effects that the triangle had on me.

In a moment, as I usually say, I like colorful crochet patterns. But with my friends I saw some bed patterns of this simple white triangles that left me in a state of Christmas peace of mind, which I can't explain.

This triangle is very easy to make and that's why I'm sharing it with you. For color lovers like me, we have a scheme below so you don't get lost, check it out below and you'll find it. We are going to share the graphic for our beginner friends and you need to learn how to crochet a triangle square with some leftover yarn that you have at home.

Learn how to make this beautiful crochet triangles tutorial with the yarn you have at home.

Crochet Triangles

Colorful crochet triangle blanket

After you've practiced the triangle a lot, you can go to a yarn store and buy the necessary material. But for old crocheters I advise you to use the yarn you have at home, so you save money and can do a beautiful job with the leftover yarn you have at home.

Crochet Triangles
Crochet Triangles

This crochet blanket measures approximately 80 cm in diameter. It may vary according to the size of your bed. Once you learn this pattern you will be able to use it not just for bedding.

A rug for babies to play on I'm sure it will be pure fun. Babies love colors and enjoy playing with colors. Tablecloths are a great idea and look great on your family photo table.

Materials and yarn for learning

- 1 scissors 

- 1 crochet hook 6mm
- Colored cotton threads 

 The white lines are delicate. 

If it is colored lines, 5 different colors that match each other. 

Make the triangles with 6 chains. 2 pa. 1 current mpa. 

Follow the diagram below for colored blankets.

Crochet Triangles
Crochet Triangles

This blanket when we join the triangles forms a 3D effect. In this case, it forms a very beautiful texture on the work that you will like, it is very easy to do.

Crochet Triangles
Crochet Triangles

Triangle pillows look wonderful in the living room. I like textures and I run my hand over the cushions. Children will love it. We have on this website the 3D crochet blanket that I am sure you will love check it out too and learn this beautiful crochet pattern very simple.

Video Tutorial - Step by Step Crochet Triangle

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