Cat Stitch Crochet / How to crochet a blanket.

A beautiful abstract cat crochet stitch. I was delighted with these stitch. You will be able to quickly learn these crochet stitches with the same yarn you have at home.

See the kittens appearing on the blankets how cute they are. The cat stitches are very creative and you can use them as a baby blanket.
Children love to play and spend hours playing with their cat friends. You can use this crochet stitch with blankets, pillows and a scarf for our cat-loving friends like me. 

I fell in love with these cute kittens crochet stitches and decided to share this beautiful work with you.
All handicraft works bring us memories. While we are crocheting, we bring back many memories of those we love, for whom we are doing this work.

For a mother who is expecting a baby, for a grandmother who is arriving on a trip, all crafts bring us stories in some way and take us to a past somewhere where we would like to be. That's why I love crochet and writing for me is my second love. 

Sharing beautiful works is also an inspiration for me and for many who admire this art.

How to learn cat stitch for beginners
Cat Stitch Crochet
Cat Stitch Crochet

See the stitches are abstract, but you can see some kittens forming in the middle of the crochet blanket for children. A beautiful delicate pattern to make with the remains of yarn you have at home. Take advantage of the cold days and start this new project for next season today.

Shell Stitch

The stitches that are most used are Shell stitches. For our crocheting friends who are already more advanced in the craft and know the shell stitch, it will be easy to finish the blanket.
Shell stitch is very popular for us. So see some shell stitch step by step this stitch is very easy to make.


4 ply yarn Size K 

Crochet hook


SK - Skip Ch - Chain DC - Double Crochet EA - Each SP - Space

Drop Stitch - The drop stitch will be worked below the two previous row of shell stitches. 

Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert the hook 2 rows below, between the shell stitches, pull the yarn up. 

Repeat one more time for a total of 5 loops on the hook. 

Row 1: DC in the 4th CH from the hook, DC in the next CH, Skip 4 chains, in the next CH(5th chain) work *2DC, CH1, 2DC, SK 4 CH's, Repeat from * across for the width, 1 DC in ea of the last 2 chains. 

Row 2: CH 2, DC in the next DC, work *2DC, CH1, 2DC in the next CH 1 Space. Repeat from * across for the width, 1 DC in ea of the last 2 DC. 

Row 3: CH 2, DC in the next DC, Work a dropstitch (see description), *2DC, CH1, 2DC in the next CH 1 Space. Work a dropstitch (see description). Repeat from * across for the width. Work the drop stitch between the last shell and 2 double crochet. 

Row 4-5: CH 2, DC in the next DC, work *2DC, CH1, 2DC in the next CH 1 Space. Repeat from * across for the width, 1 DC in ea of the last 2 DC. 

You will change color each time you complete row 3-5. Continue with rows 3-5 for the length of the project that you are making.

Find the crochet cat stitch

Crochet stitches are basically always the same, so girls enjoy and have a look at other stitches right here on this site and watch other stitches for you to learn. 

You will notice that when we learn the first stitches everything becomes easier to do even the most difficult ones become easy. This was one of my first teacher's tips, learn the basic stitches first.

The second tip was to learn how to combine colors for your project. This will value your work much more and will make all the difference when selling, learn to combine colors, see nature and learn from it. 

The handicraft has a lot to do with nature, the cotton threads, manual work, are all divine work.
Cat Stitch Crochet
Cat Stitch Crochet

See some box stitch models for beginners, 3D blanket, scarf, women's shawl, summer blouses. Enjoy some tips and share your work with us. 

We will be very happy to receive it. Until next time girls!!!