Vintage Granny Square Christmas. Step by Step.


Hello girls!!! A great idea for this Christmas. A very interesting crochet pattern for your home. A fun tree that everyone will want to learn. Children will have fun with this game. Just a few squares of woolen thread and a bit of brown thread similar to the color of a tree trunk and some colored dots to brighten up and hold the ends of the trees.

The white threads are for detailed crocheters who love snow on Christmas trees just like I do. The white threads you can use with leftover threads that you have at home. So you can give an extra touch to your Christmas tree.

I am in love with this time of year. I feel such great joy inside my heart. I don't know how to explain it exactly. It seems like some say the Christmas magic kids talk about. But we adults also need to let this Christmas magic into our hearts. After all, we are talking about the birth of Jesus.

This Christmas tree model is actually grandma's squares that are made in different sizes with little balls to hold the ends and a trunk to represent the tree. I see some models that are being sold on the internet that are models for our friends who are beginner crocheters and they look great on the door of your house instead of garlands.

See how beautiful this model is below.

Granny Square Christmas
Granny Square Christmas

On our websites you will find more models of dish holders, Christmas tablecloths, crochet hats for children and some more models of crochet blankets for you to decorate your home and receive your family this Christmas.

Vintage Crochet Square for Christmas Tree 


Difficulty: Beginner crocheters. 
Crochet needle. 
A scissor 
Line: Green to make the squares. 
Thread: White for finishing Grandma's squares. 
Line: Brown, little amount for the trunk of the tree. 
Lines: Colored to make the balls and make the tree more cheerful. To hold the squares. 
Good job to all friends.
Grandma's first square for our Christmas tree starts like this. See girls how easy it is.

Granny Square Christmas

Note that the sizes are different, be sure to finish with white thread for the snow finish to be even more beautiful. Because we love the details. I believe that God lives in the details.
How beautiful they are turning out!!!! Sizes are different don't forget. If not, you'll have to redo it!!!!

Granny Square Christmas

Finally, our dear colored balls. I love colors!!! They add a finishing touch to our amazing Christmas tree.
Granny Square Christmas

Girls!!!! I completely forgot about the trunk of our tree!!!! hahaha

Granny Square Christmas

I share with you a wonderful step-by-step video below, for you to pause as many times as necessary. Thank you so much girls for the comments and for the love you have for our site.

I am very grateful to all of you and to God for this opportunity to share some art with you. A big kiss until next time!!! Leave your comment below.

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