Crochet Flower Pot Holder. Step by Step Free.

Hello girls!!! Come and see this beautiful crochet flower pot holder. I was delighted with this pattern and ease. I found this pot holder very beautiful and practical to use. You will be able to use it in your daily life and you can give it as a Christmas present, your friends will surely love the present.

Capriche in the colors. I really like colorful flowers and colors that go together. Don't forget to use cotton yarn so it doesn't melt. Only cotton threads can be used in this pattern so that your work is perfect. This pot holder is easy - intermediate and you can see the step by step below.

About the pattern

The needle to be used is number 3mm. 
Start with a magic lasso or 5 chains joined with an ss. 
Row 1: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), 15 dc in ring, join with ss. (16dc) 
Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), 2 dc in each st around, join with ss. (30dc) See girls how easy it is to do, look at the details.

Row 3: Ch 3 (counts as 1 sc), 1 sc in same stitch, *1 sc in next stitch, 2 sc in next stitch*, repeat from *-* around, join with ss. (45dc) 
Row 4: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), 1 dc in same st, ch 1, 2 dc in same st, * ch 1, skip next 2 sts, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in next st *, repeat from * to * around, join with ss. (15 groups) 
Row 5: sc in center of 1st group,* in each 1-ch space in center of group make 2dc, ch1, 2dc, sc in 1sc space between groups*, repeat from *-* around, join with ss.

Round 6: sc to the center of the 1st group *(only work in the space of 1 ch in the middle of each group), work 3sc, 1sc, 3sc, 1sc*, repeat from *-* around, join with ss. 
Round 7: Repeat Round 6. 
Round 8: sss to the center of the 1st group *(only work in the space of 1 ch in the middle of each group), work 4dc, ch2, 4dc, ch1*, repeat from *-* around, join with ss. 
Row 9: sc to the center of the 1st group *(only work in the space of 1 ch in the middle of each group), crochet 5sc, 2sc, 5sc, 1sc*, repeat from *-* around, join with px.

Round 10: ch 1, 1 sc in the same space,* in the space of 2 ch in the middle of the grouping make 12 sc, 1 sc in the space between the chs of the groupings*, repeat from *-* around, join with sc and fasten off . Work round 1 - 10 again for the second motif. When you're done with both motifs, work on any loose ends. Place the 2 motifs against each other, right sides facing out. Gather yarn in center of two clusters (working on both pieces), make 20ch, ss at same point as seam. Work over the 20ch with sc until there is enough sc to make a strong loop. ss again at the same point as junction.

Now crochet both pieces using only ss going down to the center using the gaps/holes in the motif. Make sure not to make the ss too tight as this will cause the motif to crease and warp. When you reach the outer edge of the center piece, turn around and go back up using the same spaces you used to go down. Always turn your work and make 12 chains until you continue and finish the flower. Girls look gorgeous. You will never need to buy a pot holder again. Your friends will love the result. Colorful flowers and very chic. I'm in love with ease.

We have a video below with a crochet flower that is very easy to make following the same reasoning as with crochet rings that come together. Amazing. Tell me in the comments which one you liked the most and share this beautiful work with your friends. We have other crochet blouse patterns, crochet rugs and blankets for you to learn and share with your friends.

Thanks to all my partners who share their work with me and give me feedback on my recipes. This feedback is very important and makes me love this craft work that I do more every day. Many women are earning extra income because of this work and I am very happy that in some way I am taking part in this female empowerment that we have been experiencing in recent years. Thank you all. Remember if I can do it, you can too. A big kiss to all my friends!!! See you later!!! See this video below of crochet flowers with a different and very interesting model.

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