Charlottes Dream Blanket / Download and Vídeo Tutorial


Hello girls!!! Today I bring you a very used crochet pattern. Very famous and I believe it is one of the classic crochet squares. Charlottes Dream Blanket. It's been a while since I to share a square of charlote dream for you on this web site but I've never found a model that made me as passionate as this one from our friend Dedri Uys. 

The pattern is really wonderful, the perfection and the colors she used I couldn't contain myself and share with you today this classic charlote dream square. I am passionate about crochet. Crochet changed my life many years ago and today I really want to encourage women and men to work with this technique so old and famous all over the world. 

 I love what I do and I really enjoy sharing my work and recipes with my friends. Today I see that many men are getting in touch and that this crochet world has attracted even teenagers. I'm very happy because it's a sign that crochet won't end anytime soon. It goes from generation to generation and every day it innovates more. 

 This Charlotte model is an old technique but this work below is all updated with colors and stitches that I fell in love with at first sight. I thank God for being part of such a huge group of women crocheters. Today crocheting has become a trend all over the world and those who are interested in and enjoy this craft are already a step ahead. 

We have many videos for our beginner friends who want to learn and have an extra income at the end of the month. Don't waste time and start learning this beautiful charlote dream pattern today.

Charlottes Dream Blanket
Charlottes Dream Blanket

About pattern: 4mm Clover Amour crochet hook (US 6/G UK 8) Scheepjes Softfun Aquarel (60% cotton/40% acrylic), 50g/140m/153yds Your motive should measure: At the end of Round 13: 16.5cm (6.5″) At the end of Round 18: 22.5cm (8.8″) At the end of Round 36: 44cm (17.3″)

This charlotte dream pattern is a very romantic crochet square. Awakens a feeling of romanticism and joy by the cheerful colors that it contains. So don't miss out on this one. Learn this beautiful crochet pattern today. For beginners learn with the download below. Or watch the video with the complete tutorial of this beautiful pattern.

Charlottes Dream Blanket

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Popcorn dot templates. Don't miss out below the video and see more models for you to be inspired by. I would love it if you would share your charlotte blanket work with us. Leave your message below and share your work to inspire us and our friends.

Pattern tips: Always choose quality crochet threads so that your work looks beautiful and the colors are cheerful and pretty. Make the stitches always with care. If you miss a point, don't think twice and undo that chain of thread wires. 

Before you run the risk of losing all your work once it's finished and seeing you miss a stitch. And do it with love it will make all the difference in your work and who you are doing it for. Don't waste time, if I can do it, you can too.

Charlottes Dream Blanket