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Throw Blanket. A beautiful crochet pattern with colored threads. I am very happy to share with you this beautiful crochet pattern that will make all the difference in your life. A very easy pattern to make and that you can really do in stages and in a short time you will be able to finish your work.

I want to thank God first and this wonderful life that I have of being able to share this beautiful crochet work with you. I love what I do and this art of crocheting has changed my life for me.

Crochet can change the lives of many people who are often depressed. It can change life and bring joy to the elderly. Imagine my grandmother's joy when she made my first crochet blanket. She was happier than me. It's a very big accomplishment. Crochet brings joy in our heart, happiness for the soul, in addition to developing our brain it brings many benefits to our body.

That's why I say and repeat that I love belonging to this crochet group with you and bringing you more work every day for you to be inspired by.
Scrap-Along Blanket Felix

I want to ask you to share your work with us and follow our web site so that every day we can bring more work and art to you who have fairy hands.


For you to start making this beautiful yarn texture, you will need some skeins of different colors of crochet thread.

A small pair of scissors.

A needle, check the threads you are going to use to know the size of the needle.

Needle 4.5mm to do this work that is in the model.

Remains of colored yarn.

Start working with 6 chains and make two double crochets in each chain.

The C2C stitch is very beautiful, I really liked the texture used, be careful with the lines so your work doesn't get heavy.

Blanket Felix / About the work:

This technique is often used as crochet threads that we call patchwork. In this case we are using craft lines to make this work that many women use with fabrics too, I even have one in my house that I bring from my grandmother who I'm in love with and it was made more than 4 decades ago.

So you can bet that your work will last for many years, passing through many generations.
Caprice girls in this job. You will not regret.

Start with a C2C triangle and see how easy it is. Follow the instructions below and see the graphic on how to do it.

Scrap-Along Blanket Felix

An amazing work that I bring inspiration from a friend who did wonderful who does amazing work and today I share their work with you.

For babies I advise you to make them in more neutral colors because it brings comfort to the baby's eyes.

For children from 5 years old and up, the more colorful colors bring a more cheerful and fun look and I guarantee they like it more.

For adults I recommend you to observe the color palette of your home and match your environment. I guarantee that you will be able to transform your work into a sophisticated blanket and make your living room or bedroom much more chic.

Get yours and learn the step by step below. See the stitches as they are made in equal parts, You can do one by one slowly without haste.
Watch the video with the step by step. Learn slowly and see how easy it is to do.