Granny Square Blanket / Free Crochet Pattern


Today I bring you a beautiful crochet blanket with grandma's square. An idea often used in blankets for the bed. Or also used as a sofa blanket.

 I really like using this square crochet pattern from grandma as a cover for my sofa where I watch TV. Children make the sofa very dirty. In addition to a very beautiful and colorful designer, I keep my sofa clean and tidy for the children to play. You can use this pattern in many ways. As a bed blanket, sofa cover, bags look wonderful with this pattern.

See the video below for a very beautiful granny square crochet blouse tutorial. Learn slowly and see how easy this pattern is for beginners and so much fun to do.
Don't waste time and learn today this pattern very used in various pieces of clothing or pieces used in your home.

Some ideas are also widely used in this pattern, for example for girls who have a lot of wool yarn in their house. In this pattern you can use several colored wool yarns and still use the yarn leftovers you have in your house. This plaid pattern is made up of 135 granny squares. So enjoy and see if you have any wool scraps and use it.

Only when you run out will you be able to buy more. Use your creativity and learn this pattern that is very easy. Maybe some already know how to make this pattern. But below you will find the correct colors to make this blanket model so beautiful that it is grandma's crochet blanket.

Grandma's square is a very traditional pattern and most beginner crocheters like to start work by learning this pattern. We recommend this beautiful crochet blanket pattern for you to make for your family. You'll love.

Granny Square Blanket

I am very happy to be part of this group of artisans. Every day, men and women of all ages are more and more drawn to this art of crochet.

Learn how to make this charm for your bed. If you already know how to make chains and grandma's square, you are already on the right path to make this beautiful crochet blanket. 

If you have leftover wool yarn in your house then you are already very close to learning this beautiful square crochet blanket from grandma with the colors of the rainbow.

About pattern:

Grandma's square measures 9 x 9 cm.
This crochet pattern can be used on a baby blanket. Colors for babies need to be as neutral as possible to bring tranquility to the baby's room. I like the crochet blanket for babies because it's a knitted fabric that has holes and the baby can play until he sleeps with the blanket. But it is recommended to use thinner wool yarn in the case of babies so the blanket is more delicate and soft.



Scheepjes Color Crafter (100% Premium Acrylic, 100g/300m) 
Color A: 1246 Maastricht x 1 ball 
Color B: 1132 Leek x 1 ball 
Color C: 1081 Gouda x 1 ball 
Color D: 1263 Leerdam x 1 ball 
Color E: 1065 Assen x 1 ball 
Color F: 1316 Almelo x 1 ball 
Color G: 1422 Eelde x 1 ball 
Color H: 1068 Den Helder x 1 ball 
Color I: 1034 Urk x 1 ball 
Color J: 1019 Texel x 1 ball 
Color K: 1003 Middelburg x 1 ball 
Color L: 1082 Zwolle x 1 ball 
Color M: 1188 Rhenen x 1 ball 
Color N: 1432 Heerlen x 1 ball 
Color O: 1061 Meppel x 1 ball 
Color P: 1084 Hengelo x 1 ball 
Color Q: 1390 Amersfoort x 1 ball 
Color R: 1241 Den Bosch x 1 ball 
Color S: 1083 Tilburg x 1 ball Joining 
Color: 1005 Barneveld x 6 balls

Crochet Hook 5.0mm (US size H).

Measurements 100 x 175cm (40 x 69in).

See the diagram below and see how to make just one square.


Granny Square

Also see below the colors used if you want to make a blanket with square. You can do it slowly with the colors available below or use your creativity and make the colors you like the most. Below this blanket pattern I found very interesting for beginners. You can earn extra income by starting this pattern below.

Granny Square Blanket

Granny Square Blanket . Free Crochet Pattern. 

The colors you can make the combination you prefer. I really like the colors of this chart. But you can make a pattern for babies in the colors of the rainbow and it looks really cute.

See below how to make a beautiful crochet blouse with grandma's square. A video for inspiration.

I want to thank all the friends who share their work with us. Saying that this is my biggest motivation to share beautiful work with you. I hope you enjoyed. If I got it you can get friends!!!