Daisy Granny Squares / Crochet Tutorial


Hello girls!!!! I love flowers and daisies are one of my favorite flowers. Roses are romantic flowers and often used on Valentine's Day. We have a tutorial for this Valentine's Day here on our website. But today especially I bring one of the happiest flowers to me with an amazing tutorial that a friend shared with me and my whatsapp group. 

I need to share it with you on the web site because it is very beautiful, it is very joyful and most importantly it is very easy to do. Today our crocheting atesans manage to make several squares of grandma. These daisy flowers will look beautiful on your bed.

And thanks to God and to this wonderful gift they have, they manage to make one flower more beautiful than the other.

I get more and more in love each day, because flowers for me symbolize nature and being able to use nature and crochet together is a divine gift for sure.

Well girls I think I got a little carried away talking about the flowers.

These crochet daisies are beautiful and cheerful flowers. The crochet stitch is the popcorn stitch which is a very old pattern here on our site. Since the beginning I bring you a tutorial of this beautiful popcorn spot. Here I will put one of the points that we have on our site of this beautiful point.

At home I have a wonderful white rug that I put in the popcorn room.

I don't have this pattern but I'll take a picture of it to show you below in the comments I'll show you my popcorn stitch mat that I made myself.

This daisy crochet pattern that you can find below is a pattern for making a blanket.

So I prefer to do it with a smaller thread so that the stitches are more delicate and the blanket is not as thick as the rug.

When you buy the threads you need to inform the seller of this detail so that you can buy the threads according to the pattern you are making.

The size of the needle and the thread is important. See the tutorial below and learn how to make these beautiful flowers daisy crochet for your bed. The video below you find the pattern.

These colors are beautiful. My favorite daisies.

Daisy Granny Squares


Darning needle 

Abbreviations / Terms 
US terms are used through out (UK terms) dc - double crochet (treble crochet) tr - treble crochet (double treble crochet) ch - chain sl st - slip stitch st(s) - stitch(s) sp - space pc - popcorn bpc - beginning popcorn

Special stitches:

Popcorn - 3 dc in same st, remove hook from stitch and insert in top of first dc from front to back, insert into last dc and pull loop through.

Beginning popcorn - ch 3, 2dc in same sp, remove hook from stitch and insert in top of ch 3 from front to back, insert into last stitch loop from back to front and pull through.

Girls, the round square you need to check if it will be the size of 10 cm, so that your work is standardized and visually harmonic.

Daisy Granny

With yellow yarn, ch4 and join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1 ch3 (counts as dc), 11dc into ring, join with sl st to top ch3. Fasten off. (12dc)

Round 2 With white, join with sl st in any sp, bpc in same sp, ch2. Pc, ch2 in each sp around. Join with sl st to top of 1st pc. Fasten off.

Round 3 With colour yarn, join with sl st in any sp and ch3 (counts as dc). 2dc in same sp, 3dc in next sp. *3tr, ch2, 3tr in next sp (corner formed), [3dc in next sp] twice* repeat from *to* 3 times in total. 3tr, ch2, 3tr in next sp, join with sl st to top ch3. Fasten off and weave in ends...

Finished, start this beautiful work and make several squares of the daisy grandma and then you can unite the squares.

For this you need to make the same size. Be creative and use different colors. If you are making this blanket for babies use lighter, neutral color tones. You will notice how much more beautiful your work is using the right colors.

Don't waste time and do it right now. Below you will find the explanatory video and the step by step of this beautiful work.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the tutorial that I share with you today. I hope you can make money with this pattern. And that in some way I have helped you. That already makes me happy. A big kiss to all. To the next.