Mini Bags Crochet / Crochet Pattern free


Hello girls!!! This beautiful mini bags crochet that I bring to you is wonderful!!!! This mini bags crochet has a very easy model to make. It's a quick bag to make and for girls who want to earn some money, you can make this bag quickly and earn money faster because it's not a very complicated job to do.

This bag measures on average 25cm in length is a medium bag and looks very chic used with chains and fringes. I love fashion so I definitely put bangs in my bag. This beautiful bag is called the ¨Clutch Bag¨. Some people call her by that name because she is fashionable. 

A beautiful bag that is easy to make. These bags we love easy. I love putting on basic clothes and going out with a colorful bag to add a splash of color and of course they are my favorite colors. This pink color is a color that I really like and it has a chain detail on the strap that I loved!

Crochet a Bag

I could even put the fringe but I found a lot, so I preferred to use only the chains on the handle of the crochet bag. Many bag options we can make with crochet. 

On our website you will be able to use other granny square stitch patterns of crochet bags and you can sell these bags to earn extra money. The crochet bag is made in 2 parts. The 25 stitches you need to do in the base, you will need to do in the flap of the bag also 13 single crochets until you reach the middle of the bag. From the middle of the bag to the other side of the flap 13 more single crochets.

Material used: 

 Cotton nautical thread 5mm 

 Needle number 7

Below you will be able to use the graphic of this bag for crocheters who have been in this job longer and like to work with graphics.

The video below was made with nautical blue yarn. I thought this color was wonderful too.