Crochet Ripple Blanket Free Pattern


Hello girls!!!! This cute crochet ripple blanket is just perfect. I thought about doing the side of a lareira on cold days when I was scared. It's very calming. You really are unique and from the moment you start doing things you can't stop. This crochet pattern is addictive. 

The colors look beautiful on me queem size bed. This bed is a little larger in size than the other beds so I bought a little more yarn to make this pattern. Anyway, you will love doing this step by step. We have other models of wool yarn . 

Crochet patterns for your bed. It doesn't perch time and it starts at the same time, this cute pattern of ripple crochet pattern free.

I share this image for my friends to learn and I want to thank our friend who shared this image. The site is below so you can access the other cores of this beautiful blanket that she made. 

Below is a model of the pattern of this colorful blanket that is my favorite. Take advantage of your ripple blanket. See below this beautiful model and the specific cores for you to make your own ripple crochet blanket.

To start the crochet Ripple blanket you will need some basic materials:

Crochet Hook: You can use a crochet hook suitable for the yarn you choose. Needle size depends on the yarn and stitch size desired. Typically, a 4mm to 5.5mm crochet hook is used for medium weight yarn.

Yarn: Choose the yarn according to the size and style you want for your blanket. Generally, medium weight (worsted) yarns work well for blankets. You can also choose multiple colors to create the wave pattern.

Scissors: A sharp pair of scissors for cutting the thread.

Tapestry or Sewing Needle: To hide loose ends and sew together parts of the blanket if necessary.

Pattern: Find a ripple blanket pattern that you like.

Crochet neat ripple pattern
Ripple Blanket

Point Markers (optional): These can be useful for marking the start and end of waves, especially if you are a beginner.

Tape Measure: To measure the size of the blanket as you work.

Crochet Blocks (optional): If you want your blanket to lay flat and have a uniform appearance, it may help to block it after completion. Crochet blocks are used to stretch and secure the blanket into the desired shape during the blocking process.

Here are some vibrant thread color ideas that you will love. Watch the video tutorial below and check out the step by step. You realize it looks difficult but the difficulty ends when you train the crochet chains.

Neat ripple are chains and you don't really know where to start. So a tip: start making chains and undo the chains before starting your blanket. Test before you start and get practice so you can start making neat ripples. 

Then start making by changing the colors make 02 chains of one color and then before starting the second color of a knot at the end and start making the second color. Always check to see if the currents are right and keep going. 

After the test, separate your favorite colors and make your wonderful crochet blanket. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of this beautiful neat ripple pattern crochet blanket.

Neat Ripple Pattern
Crochet Reaple Blanket

Below you will find the explanatory video of a beautiful crochet pattern. A beautiful inspiration for you to enjoy.

Final observations on crochet Ripple Blanket

I want to thank all my friends who shared their work with us. Take advantage of some ideas below that we have on our website and do it yourself. These are beautiful works inspired by artisans with fairy hands.
And remember, if I learned, you can learn too.