How to make a beautiful centerpiece for Christmas


Hello girls, all right with you!!!! I hope so. I am delighted with this crochet pattern. A wonderful centerpiece inspired me to share this pattern with you today. Impossible not to fall in love with these colors. They combine and remind me of a very special date that is Christmas. Let's learn this beautiful crochet centerpiece with Christmas colors.

On these days the family is always together, it is a great joy to have loved ones in your kitchen. On these days we want to put the best dishes, the best towels, the best centerpieces. We want everything to be very perfect. Then you will definitely love making this easy crochet centerpiece with just a few colors of crochet thread for you to do. If you are a crocheter, you will probably look at this crochet pattern and copy the pattern only with the chart so you don't miss the pattern and the opportunity.

In this crochet pattern you will use the white thread colors for the pineapple pattern. Very easy to do. Below you can find the explanatory video. The red flowers you find the pattern below. And the green leaves below you find the video to help you.

You can use a glitter line to give the piece more glamor that makes the final work even more beautiful for the Christmas holidays. This pattern measures approximately 75x80cm. There are four flowers with a round base around the pineapple crochet pattern. The square base flower you can find in the pattern below.

If you are still starting you can learn with the video tutorial below. The explanatory video I really like to share for beginner crocheters. They can pause as many times as needed. 

Crochet is an art developed for many years and never goes out of style. Crochet is always updating and bringing through smart crocheters new techniques and colors of new crochet lines we can play with colors and crochet arts. A novelty that we have on our website that many are looking for is the zigzag crochet. 

A very beautiful crochet pattern. The final finish looks beautiful for your bed. Enjoy today and learn this beautiful centerpiece for your kitchen and make your home even more beautiful with these crochet patterns made by your hands. 

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We have a crochet graphic for a blouse with grandma's square looks so beautiful. An old technique but with an updated designer for our days. Learn for yourself with the videos below and enjoy our upcoming crochet patterns and news. To the next!!!!