Granny Crochet Flowers. Free Tutorial


Hello girls!!!! How beautiful this Granny Crochet!!! I'm blown away by the starburst I see in this beautiful crochet pattern. I love the details of the colors. How adorable they are. In any season, even winter, we have many crochet models. On this web site we have scarf crochet pattern. We have temperature blanket crochet. Crochet tablecloths. We have a lot of 3D blankets. You will fall in love with each model. I'm preparing for next week a cute octopus hat crochet pattern. You will fall in love with this pattern. I like to share the models with you and I like to learn tips from crocheters who have been in the job market longer. Learn how to make this beautiful crochet origami. A very easy pattern to make. Very practical and a very beautiful designer. Below are step-by-step explanations for you to learn this beautiful crochet starburst. Thanks to our dear designer who made this beautiful pattern available to my friends. A pattern that is very simple for you, who is a beginner in crafts, can easily make following the step-by-step instructions that will be shared here. Right below.

You need to know before you start.

You will need to crochet 5 squares of the same size and color pattern as well. This is very important for your origami to be in harmony. Then you will need to check that all the crochet squares are the same and the same size. as shown in the image below. Crochet 5 of the same granny flowers.


1-1/2 oz. variegated 4-ply worsted weight yarn (Color A) 1 oz. white 4-ply worsted weight yarn (Color B) Crochet hook size G (6-4.25mm) Finishing materials: Tapestry needle Finished Size: 8" in dia Gauge: 2 rows = 2"

With Color A (variegated) ch 5 and sl st to form ring. Rnd 1) Ch 3, 3 tc in ring, ch 6. * 4 tc, ch 6 * repeat between * two more times. Sl st to beg. ch 3. Cut yarn and tuck in ends.

Rnd 2) With Color B (white) join yarn in any ch 6 sp, ch 3 (beg. tc), 11 more tc in same sp. * 12 tc in next ch 6 sp * repeat between * two more times, sl st to beg. ch 3. Cut yarn and tuck in ends.

After making the 5 same granny flowers you will need to put the right side of them all together and facing you. Have a table or some support for you to keep them steady. Ready. Now with a row you will need to join the first crochet square with the other half of the second and third, fourth square and fifth. This way the 5 crochet squares will be together through the line you just connected them to. So the line that will start grandma's crochet squares will be line A, which you can find in the explanation above. Watch a video tutorial that you can learn in a different and very easy way. See other ideas on how to make your beautiful crochet origami pattern.

Some people asked me about this crochet pattern, if they can be used as a hotpad. I believe that because they are flowers, I believe they are mostly used as table decorations or pillows. The hotpad if you use cotton thread will be better for you to use, because the acrylic thread burns easily. I recommend cotton threads for this type of pattern. See some crochet hotpad models below. Share your work with us. To the next.