How to crochet a square with heart bobble chart

Hello girls how are you. I believe that you have already seen this beautiful Popcorn-bebek-battaniyesi heart square on some social networks. How to crochet a square with heart bobble chart, a good idea for our quarantined days. A day to remember. We need to reinvent ourselves these days, so I thought of squares of hearts.

This pattern is interesting because we can make several squares and join them together, to produce a wonderful blanket. What do you think. I found it interesting for my crochet friends who are now starting to learn this art of crochet and need to be encouraged.

That is why the crochet square is interesting because they are identical patterns, and uniting them you can make a blanket of hearts for a baby. This idea I found really cool. So I decided to share this idea with you. You need to learn the secrets to start making our square with heart bobble chart crochet pattern today. 

In this video you will learn how to do the afghan tutorial step by step and pause as many times as necessary.

We have videos to facilitate your development and learn alone in your home. We have the pattern below for girls who already have a greater experience in making this type of Popcorn pattern.

For this popcorn pattern we have in other images of blouses with the same crochet pattern.

We have crochet blanket and rugs. So to start today you need to learn this granny square crochet. Crochet step-by-step is a lot of fun and you also exercise your brain. 

heart bobble chart
heart bobble chart

I found the colors I am presenting to you very interesting. They are colors for babies. Baby Blanket colors in Pink and blue. These colors are the most requested by moms. So one more tip is to use soft colors for babys if you are interested in selling your blanket. 

I believe that you will love this pattern. Below are the colors yarns, and the lines of your choice, Some suggestions for you who are starting this technique. A pattern easy to make for and very beautiful to get you started right now.

square with heart bobble chart
square with heart bobble chart