Pavo the peacock rug crochet pattern free

Hello girls, I can not help but share with you this pattern of crochet peacock rug. Very interesting, are easy points and it produces an incredible effect that you can not help but learn. The crochet peacock rug stitch is very interesting because it makes a peacock effect. In the peacock's body we have a differentiated point, which you can also find on our web site. Let's go by parts, first find blue and green color lines, they are the approximate colors of the peacock rug, the needle is below and the recipe you can also find below the image. I want to thank my friends and companions, so kindly they indicated this site so that I could share with you. This art of crocheting is very interesting for our brains, for the grandmas who want to exercise the mind, surely you will realize the effect that this art produces in our lives. After a job end like this it is very gratifying you to hear the compliments from your friends and family. I consider this job with medium difficulty, but to make it even easier for you you can check out the crocodile crochet model, which you find this pattern in the body of work, a point also used for crochet knots. For those who already know the crocodile point then you can go to the next step, and from that moment join the pieces to finalize the work. I hope you have enjoyed my beloved ones. To the next