The nomad by fate cushion - Free pattern


Hello girls, today we are here to introduce you the fate cushion, a free pattern with a very interesting image for crochet fans. This free pattern gives a very beautiful highlight in a decoration, especially these vivid colors. A neutral environment. This crochet cushion I found from a friend who recommended it to the beginner crocheteras. And I found it very interesting to put on our web site. Below you will find the recipe link and free pattern of this beautiful crochet cushion. This cushion ¨Nomad By Fate you with a 3D visual, rich and cheerful colors that combine with a neutral environment of a room. A couch deserves to receive such a crochet cushion. I bet your friends will love that pillow. This recipe features the cushions in pastel colors, but you can choose colors in the blue tones, or tones of your choice. Dear crochet friends, do not waste time and start this crochet cushion today. I hope you enjoyed. This pillow recipe has the front pattern and its back is also made of crochet with the same pattern to make it look more beautiful. So the two pieces are crochet, as the picture showed. Our web site we have several proposers for you, bedspreads, blankets for babies, skirts, crocheted blouses, dresses for girls, vest for boys, cap. Many free patterns for you to have fun. Remember that the standard below and European model, in case you can not understand translate the page and so you will not lose the revenue. A hug to all who accompany me. To the next.

Colorful square template. I loved friends see how beautiful it was.

Threads used in this crochet pattern, see models