The Promise - Crochet Rainbow For Quilt

Hello, girls from the world of crochet. Today I came to brighten your days while making this crochet blanket in rainbow format. Interesting that I read a story about a lady who was making a beautiful quilt like this in the shape of a rainbow. Then as she did not have the pattern she was trying to do by her thinking, this lady never finished that quilt but forgot about it, and left it in a sack inside her crochet closet. After some time passed, her granddaughter saw a crochet work begun with the colors of a rainbow. Nowadays the rainbow is in all the colors of the girls, crochet unicorns, unicorn bags, bows for rainbow hair. The girl felt very happy, and asked her grandmother to complete the work she had begun so many years ago. That girl's grandmother felt so happy that she could finish a job she loved so much. Quickly she resumed that work, with far more love than the first. And the whole excited girl believed that the grandmother could do a beautiful job. When the girl's grandmother finished work that beautiful surprise was a crocheted quilt all worked, with rainbow, imagine the happiness of that girl. A relic, a work done with love, for our day. This story is true, and I am very proud to be able to count on so much emotion for you. The crochet goes beyond generations, breaks challenges, supports time. An ancient art that until today we can see in designers, contemporary fashion, current fashion. And we are here today thanks to the crochet. I would like to thank all of you. And to say that surely any girl nowadays will love this unicorn rainbow crochet in her bed. Do it right now, but do it with love, for sure everything will work out. A kiss to all