How to make this amazing crochet blouse with store pattern.

Hello girls, all right with you, I am very happy to share this dress with you that I received from a very special person. It is an easy dress to make, as you can see in the photo below the dots are basically the same, and with a spider point detail that is very well known in our midst. Today I will teach crocheteras how to make that crochet stitch for you to learn how to make this dress and many other graphics that have that spider stitch. I want to show you that this dress has everything to do with our season for this year. The colors favor a lot this year. For sure you will find many models on social networks with these warm colors of dresses, blouses and shoes. And I also want you to see the model of the crochet spiders that form a V-shaped designer. This V-shaped model makes it much easier for people who want to get a sexier image. You will feel more beautiful and more accented according to the fashion standards. Of any age, in any body, you can bet that you will look much better in this dress. Some people sent me a message using this crochet pattern for the beach exits. This is the tip for the girls who are going to travel to the beach this season. a very easy pattern to do with basic stitches and very fast. Hope you like. Our website you will find amazing models of dresses, blouses, blankets, rugs, baby blankets, baby dresses, ideas for your decor. Leave your home with an overall feel with heavily used crochet patterns. A kiss for all the girls that accompany me. And remember if I can do this, you can too. Focus, strength and faith are our basic principles. A big hug and until next time.