How to Crochet Block Stitch Stitch


Hello girls Crocheters all right with you, today I am presenting to you this pattern of Crochet called block stitch, which are very easy to make crochet blocks and they have a very original designer, very beautiful work after ready and finished. A blanket made with this pattern shop looks beautiful, made by your own hands it looks more beautiful yet. 

A friend taught me this pattern in block stitch and looks very beautiful, she showed me a crochet blanket with stitch-stitch stitch, then I fell in love so much that I decided to pass it on, I would love for you to learn this beautiful point will be very interesting for the crocheters and also for the beginners in this craft that is so wonderful for us and so rich in the whole world. The interesting thing about this store pattern is that they are all close and very tidy at the end of a job done giving the impression of an all linear work, and it is so interesting also to learn this pattern shop crochet points as the lines enter and leave a blanket or even some other pattern that you have no idea where it started.

The effect of this pattern is very original since Grandma's time but the difference is that grandma's stitches are more open and that stitch block stitch is more closed that does not mean that you can play with the dots by mixing in a blanket of crochet block stitch with a ruffle all finished with stitches of grandma, it is beautiful this mixture of techniques, this point you can play with the colors since the colors give a very radiant aspect at the end of the work, this is the tip create, do not forget to colorize your work, but if you choose a shade of colors you can opt for pastels, browns, or blues and pinks for a baby blanket. You can be sure that you will love doing it and your friends will also want to make and win this whole blanket made with standard in block stitch.justif.
The crochet for me is therapeutic and brings me good feelings, good moments, I love what I do so I do with much love. Crochet for me is a challenge, a pleasure to do every job, every pattern shop I'm learning is a huge joy. So I hope I have passed this idea on to you with all my heart and affection and that you feel very inspired to do the same as I do. A kiss to all !!!

What do you think of a crochet blanket made with this pattern. You will definitely love it. This point because it is a pattern all counted in chains, you will love to see the final result. Try to match your bedroom decor, or you can make your blanket out of colorful yarns and you're sure to be very pleased with the result.
Crochet Block Stitches
Crochet Block Stitches  

Graphic of this crochet stitch pattern. basic measurements and simple points to finish. according to diagram see measurements.

See below for some techniques used in these crochet stitches. pretty simple friends. we have a tutorial for beginners. simply learn the stitches for this crochet stitches

Crochet Block Stitches
Crochet Block Stitches  

Blanket Crochet

Crochet blankets make the nights much more pleasant and warm. When we do some work with love we are so happy and make the environment happy and more welcoming. Our family thanks you for so much care we have with our dear ones.

Final considerations

Welcome to our website. See some beautiful crochet blankets that we share with all our friends. Share with your friends, enjoy learning basic stitches for beginners. Remember if I can do it, you can too.