Crochet Pillow | tutorial Patterns

Hello girls, today I bring you this beautiful crochet pillow. Very interesting with details made of flowers, very interesting for your decoration. Girls this crochet cushion I received from a very special friend, who found a video tutorial on the step by step of this beautiful cushion. We fell in love when we saw, so I decided to share with you this beautiful pattern of crochet shop. You beginners do not waste time and make yourself this beautiful cushion, to change your decor from your dining room, this crochet cushion gives a very vitage air to your decor. Because it has crochet points that are widely used and are being widely spoken in these last times, then it means that you will always be ahead of your time. So these points called popcorn points that are from Grandma's time are coming back with everything this season. Girls this crochet shop pattern that you are passionate about will notice that they are thread yarns a little thicker than the crochet blouses, they are firmer stitches, and the needle also used is thicker. So I ask you to look for a store closer to you to stay tuned in these points that we are talking about today. After shopping the line and the needle if you do not have it at home. Start the points and realize that there are practically two types of stitches to make this cushion, we all start with a chain and then the popcorn stitches and only open the stitches until finishing the pattern. Each one has a matching size of your choice, so follow the measurement of your cushion you want to make of your own. And it is also very important that the colors are colors of lines of your taste and your preference. After that finishes the front of the cushion, make the other side the same way as the first part. After that, only the two parts are in, and then your cushion is finally ready. Beautiful wonderful. Ready to change your decor. Everyone will love and wonder how you did it. Share with us, how amazing this experience was. We have on our web site several models of crochet patchwork, baby blanket, dresses for girls, crochet blouses, slippers, you will love. A kiss!!!

friends this step by step with some pillow tips. see the points used in this model

Tutorial for more croche pillow tips for beginners. see below which material to use in this crochet pattern