Crochet Blanket with cheerful floral motifs


Hello girls, today I bring to you another idea of ​​a cheerful and delicate crochet blanket with floral motifs that you will love. Very handy for kids. For the babies I realized that they love it when we make embossed crochet stitches for them to move with their hands. This crochet motif is very interesting. They are points in relief. The famous popcorn points that are well known. But this time we are bringing a pattern with this crochet motif that form as if they were cheerful flowers. It is wonderful to turn the art of crocheting into flowers read from crochet. Girls the crochet kids transports from one place to another without even leaving the place. The crochet makes us dream. Dreaming of a baby playing with blue flowers. A boy smiling. A pink quilt in a couple's bedroom. How much love is involved in a patchwork of woolen yarn. Woolen threads are very interesting to a child because they let the child breathe. Your skin can breathe and they do not feel allergies with ease. This story comes from the time of my grandparents and I bring it today for you. I share with you my dear friends, stories that my grandmother told me while making the crochet chains. Just one more chain before stopping to make dinner. While she stopped to make the crochet we were always on the side of her chair. Yes, because she crocheted and talked to us. Girls, how many stories. I can stay until tomorrow telling you my love stories with the crochet. But today I sincerely hope you like this beautiful crochet quilt motif for you and your family and friends. This web site features a lot of novelties in 3D quilt, kaleidoscope, blouses that are trendy for this season, dress for girls, crochet cardigan for boys and much more, carpets with crochet thread yarn flaps. Do not waste time and start today. A big kiss to all !!

See under gyafico of this square crochet template. learn how to make your crochet blanket in a simple way.

Friends loved this Crochet pattern. we can do a lot of projects with this crochet graphic.