Crochet dress Baby | Patterns Free


How are you girls? Dear crocheteras !!! Very nice to be here again to present this wonderful dress to the girls who are growing up and who love being princesses. This dress in the picture was not made by my hands but I got it from a friend who loved it and I decided to show it to our beloved crocheteras. A dress for girls is always very beautiful. It seems that all are princesses, and this dress is sure to look very presentable at a party or at a wedding. We can say that all the girls look good in this dress. So be sure to learn, in this step by step I present to you the easiest way to do with graphics and sizes. Probably this dress size is for 4 year old girls. If you want to make it for the older girls or for babies you can reduce the numbers of chains in the bottom of the dress. This dress is neutral shades, brown, cream and also features a flower in the upper corner of the dress to give a soft touch to the dress. We have other shades, blue, red or yellow, the color of the dress is on your own, the color of your preference. As for the line I suggest you look for a crochet shop closest to you to guide the color of the thread and the number of needle for better manufacturing. So learn this dress and many others that we have on our web site that we show every week tips and videos of crochet dresses for women, fashion crochet, baby dress, bed cover for your decoration and more. Learn this beautiful dress and see how easy it is to do, as the crochet changes our lives and transforms us. I say this with certainty once you learn how to crochet never again you will be the same. If I could do it for sure you can too. A big hug.

See the diagram used in this template. friends and very simple to finish this baby dress.

Crochet measurements for basic dress with flowers. I loved the graphic I found it practical to do. see how easy.