Lovely Crochet Blouse with free graphic


Hello girls, okay today I brought you this beautiful blouse, so sweet among the bloggers. There's no way you can not fall in love with this blouse. A long-sleeved blouse this season of the year, it looks great on any occasion. Many friends wear jeans and a more basic blouse underneath leaves a relaxed look that gives a chic look to the piece. This piece is made with open stitches so you need another sweater underneath knit preference. For beginners you can find this chart with the models so you can work with the crochet points in steps so it will be easier to do. For crocheteras who already make this art the longest I can say that these are open crochet points, unique stitches. Crochet blouses came to us in the 1990s, they fit so much into basic and casual fashion that they never left the ladies' wardrobe. We can see all social classes wearing crochet blouses, from the girls to the ladies. The fashion of crochet blouses has also reached all ages, so the crochet comes yet this year. And by the way according to the fashion experts for 2018 does not go away so soon. This crochet art begins with grandma's famous crochet until the times when women want to make their own piece for a baby's outfit, or even for their skirt or a top they've seen on social networks. In our web site we have many models of crochet blouse, skirts, blankets and dresses for babies. Pieces that you can make with crochet flaps and many novelties for those who like to learn more every day the crochet. Do not waste time and start your crochet today to look more beautiful this season. And remember if I could do this beautiful piece, surely you can too. A kiss to all until the next !!!!

I chart simple crochet stitches for this friends model. diagran with techniques in this model for measurements.

Below we have the chart that I share with you dividing the piece into pieces and then joining the blouse. Follow the graph below