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Hello girls, today I have one more crochet pattern Winter Blanket / Dandelion Mandala Overlay.

This pattern of crochet is simply wonderful, I received from a group of quilt patchwork that I have on facebook, and simply loved this pattern I even decided to post on our web site because I'm sure all the friends will like it very much, it's a crochet retail blanket with different colors, but all colors one tone.

Blue is the color that reminds you of family, reminds you baby, reminds you of a bedroom. Very lovely this pattern of crochet including a step-by-step PDF of a catwalk and accompanied by a video for you that needs a more detailed step-by-step of this beautiful patchwork quilt crochet blanket. 

For the friends who accompany us, today I have published weekly crochet patterns that stand out most in our classes and can be sure that you will love these models that are very indicated by us students of patchwork. 

We take great pride and pleasure in making new circles of friends who enjoy this crochet and quilt work, and thank you for visiting our web site. 

Follow us and appear in our publications and will love every day more this excellent craftsmanship that every day enchants us more. A big hug!!!

Winter Blanket / Dandelion Mandala Overlay - Step by Step
Winter Blanket / Dandelion Mandala Overlay - Step by Step

This is a pattern patchwork template I found in PDF check it out and see how beautiful it is. Follow and make this beautiful winter blanket yourself for this very interesting season.

Taupe: 1,2,4,7,14,19,21,25,29,34,37

Teal: 3,6,10,16,20,23,26,28,33,36,40

Glacier: 5,9,13,17,22,24,27,31,35

Soft White: 8,11,15,30,39

Soft Taupe: 12,18,32,38

Winter Blanket / Dandelion Mandala Overlay - Step by Step

Winter Blanket / Dandelion Mandala Overlay - Step by Step

With Square Up (finished 2/14/16 28”)

Colors used  Rounds:

Rnd 26: Taupe

Rnd 27: Soft white

Rnd 28: Taupe

Rnd 29: Glacier

Rnd 30: Teal

Rnd 31: Soft Taupe

Rnd 32: Soft White

Rnd 33: Glacier

Rnd 34: Taupe

Dandelion Mandala colors used (finished 2/9/16 25”):

Watch this explanatory video and observe every detail of this pattern. I'm sure you'll want to make a crochet blanket to decorate your home.

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I want to thank you all for the love you share with your work and say that crochet is a profession. It has been for many friends and it could be a profession for you too. Never give up on your dreams. Keep going and you will see how this craft can change many lives.