domingo, 25 de março de 2018

Diamond Top Crochet Pattern Free

Hello girls, let's make this crochet blouse model very easy to do. This model is an open crochet model, widely used in this season. A template that I found free for you to follow on our web site. So let's get down to this really cool idea of ​​blouse. I found on the internet a white blouse I found a mess !!! But on the chart I follow the step by step is very well done with a blouse in blue color, for being a dummy model, you can vary greatly in the visual. You can choose torn jeans that are wearing too much. In fact this method of doing according to the chart is done in three parts first the chest and then the mengas and after done the three parts then yes it should be impend and then yes it is ready to blouse. An always worn leaky tank top with a tank top underneath, leaving it on the side you create a very fun and stylish style to wear on more social occasions. So for you who still do not have much practice in crocheting this is a great idea for crochet beginners who are learning and who want to make a very sophisticated crochet piece for yourself or maybe a daughter or granddaughter. Surely she will love receiving this beautiful crocheted blouse with diamond shapes as a gift. Learn with us this crochet pattern that is free and very easy to do. Follow us on our web site and follow us to delight you with our ideas that we are always receiving in our group. Because be sure if I have learned, surely you can also learn. A big hug!!!!

Here is the free pattern chart diamond

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