Summer Dress with | Free pattern


Hello girls, today we are going to talk about the darling summer dresses, who does not like wearing a basic dress, discreet and amazing. All of us!!! So this idea is for you who loves crochet and who wants a very light dress and basic pattern not losing the elegance of the woman. This pattern I received is a basic white dress with a pattern of a flower right in the middle of the dress with a slight detail choker on top near the neck, this light detail gives a charm in the piece and the bar of this dress is also all made of pattern with a delicacy in the bar with another pattern as well. You who are in love with dresses can not miss this pattern, do it and see how beautiful it is. For the leaner you want to show the curves in the summer the crochet pattern shop line color may be more clear. For the plus size who want to show the curves but with a certain discretion, these can choose a dress darker or more colorful, a color that identifies more I think this is the most important. Like the color of the line you will get to make your own dress is very important. So see pattern shop which color line matches your skin tone this will help a lot. Warm colors look more beautiful with some people and cool colors look more beautiful on other people, this is worth you researching before you start doing your dress. We have a complete free pattern of this dress just below, do not forget that this dress has a pattern shop of open stitches, so you need to use a liner underneath more glued to the body to give a value to the piece and your body. You will be amazing. I'm sure you will love this dress is very lovely and delicate. All women like this pattern shop model. We on the web site have several models of blouse, dress for babies and blanket, amigorumis and many tips and standards for you to fall in love with this crochet fashion that everyone speaks around the world. Below is a video tutorial for beginners who want to learn how to read a crochet pattern shop chart, it is very important that you learn from this video because some crochet patterns do not have video with the step by step, so with this video you can learn to read a graphic and make a wonderful dress for you and your family. A kiss girls, enjoy, remember if I do you can also !!!!!

Dressed crochet diagram to finish this model look carefully at this pattern and measurements.

Basic measurements to finish crochet dress. very simple friends. see the step by step of this chart and points used according to the model.